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The new solution from Schütte: The best of both worlds

With the ECX series the machine manufacturer Alfred H. Schütte presents a brand new machine, which offers potential customers excellent performance and maximum productivity. The first single-spindle automatic in the company's history combines the expertise and speed from the multi-spindle world with the simple handling of the single-spindle automatic. Just in time for the EMO trade fair in September, the Cologne-based company presents the innovation which is characterised by high productivity for complex parts.

"Our aim is to optimise and expand our machine offering for our customers and new consumer groups in modified competition", explains Sales Manager Peter-Hans Schmidt. "We now have the solution: In the area of single-spindle automatics we are already far ahead with short set-up times for small batch sizes. More productive than a simple single-spindle automatic and considerably less expensive than the multi-spindle versions, the ECX combines the best of both worlds."

With innovative design and market experience for large quantities
A major factor for the high productivity is the multiple machining at the main spindle: Up to four three-axis revolver units are available for every type of stationary and power-driven tool. The highly dynamic torque motor of the revolvers ensures extremely short switching and tool changing times. Operated as a NC-axis, it generates a complete Y-axis through a kinematic axis coupling with the main spindle – for each revolver unit. "This technology enables enormous flexibility in the application. If Y-axis operation is not required, the revolver is clamped in the machining position. This allows us to achieve immense rigidity so that high cutting performances can be realised", highlights Dr. Markus Krell, Technology Manager in the Multi-Spindle Automatic Department.

The opposed spindle housing has up to two three-axis complete revolver units for parallel machining. All units at the main and opposed spindles are optional and can also be retrofitted. "We deliberately decided against x-fold revolver plates as there the neighbouring tools that are not engaged may prevent parallel machining", is how Markus Krell explains the philosophy of the machine. "With our design up to four tools can work on one spindle at the same time and two more at the opposed spindle. This allows us to achieve exceptionally high productivity."

Well thought-out down to the finest detail
Where the workpiece geometry does not allow such multiple machining, follow-on tools can be exchanged and pre-positioned in parallel with the machining so that no time is lost in the chip-to-chip process. The engineers achieve optimal damping properties with the use of hydrostatic bearings in the revolver units. As a result, the machine is extremely stable in the process, thus reducing the tool wear. Schütte also offers tool monitoring for the ECX series as an option. The machining area is designed so that chips can free fall and be transported away quickly. A workpiece ejector ejects insensitive parts. Various handling systems are available as optional equipment for sensitive workpieces.
The proven SICS software from Schütte is available to the user for the configuration, operation and programming. The optional SICS.Connect communication interface is used to connect digitisation solutions and is open to other customer applications on OPC UA basis.

Unique concept among competitors
With the new machine concept Schütte wants to enable users to manufacture smaller batch sizes in a highly productive manner, explains Sales Manager Peter-Hans Schmidt. "This new machine is very versatile and its performance is positioned between the traditional single-spindle and multi-spindle automatic", is how he explains the strategy. "We are much more productive than the single-spindle automatic and also want to acquire market shares in the fields which have larger batch sizes." The underlying calculation is simple: A multi-spindle automatic costs roughly five times that of a single-spindle automatic, but has seven times the productivity. The ECX is somewhere in-between. "We are counting on keen interest in the large warehouse, for whom a multi-spindle automatic is too expensive, but a single-spindle automatic is not sufficient. There is now finally a solution for these users."

- Extremely productive thanks to simultaneous use of four tools on the main spindle plus two on the opposed spindle
- Proven modules from the SCX series
- Y-axis through interpolation of revolver axes
- Precision and optimal process damping with hydrostatic guide
- Three-point alignment for fast installation
- Modular handling system for simple and complex parts
- Operation via the tried-and-tested SICS interface
- Individually configurable and retrofittable thanks to modular design

- Up to four revolver units for machining in the main spindle plus two revolver units for the opposed spindle
- High-performance tool drive
- Additional carriage for part-off parallel to machining
- Workpiece ejection or finished part handling system
- Active coolers or connection to existing cooling systems / central cooling
- Tool monitoring

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