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SCHUNK - Gripping and Clamping News

Compact tool quick-changer for handling weights of up to 16 kg

The pneumatically actuated SCHUNK SWS-007 quick-change system enables swift and process-reliable exchange of grippers and other tools of up to 16 kg at the robot front end. By integrating many functional features directly into the module, particularly compact quick-change solutions are possible. The effect: Compressed air supply of actuators and tools can be carried out either laterally or axially via five integrated pneumatic feed-throughs. As the sensor slots for magnetic switches are integrated into the module, no external sensor adapters are required for status monitoring. Due to a special mounting surface, modules from the SCHUNK robot accessories program, for instance electrical feed-throughs are optionally combinable with the tool changer. Using a storage rack, or by alternatively using socket and pin, the quick-change adapter can be deposited in a particularly space-saving way in tool stations. These two options are integrated in the adapter. The screw connection diagram corresponds to ISO 9409-31.5-4-M5. Moreover, a centering collar plate according to ISO-A31.5 is available, and the module can be used on most robots without needing an additional adapter plate. The patented "no-touch locking-system" facilitates a reliable tool change even if the head and the adapter are up to 2.5 mm apart from one another. In addition, the locking system is equipped with a patented self-locking system, which ensures a process-reliable connection between head and adapter even in the case of a sudden power failure.

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