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SCHUNK - Gripping and Clamping News

Standardized parallel pole technology for milling applications on your machine tool

Whether narrow, thin or bulky ferromagnetic workpieces are to be clamped for a milling application, square pole plates sometimes reach their limits, since not all the poles are covered, and the magnetic field is not balanced. With immediate effect, the SCHUNK MAGNOS MFPS parallel-pole milling plates with fixed and movable pole extensions offer an alternative for this kind of application. The concentrated magnetic field over the entire pole width ensures that high lateral holding forces, deformation-free and low-vibration clamping, and short set-up times are achieved with narrow workpieces. Due to the elevated position of the workpieces, they have the same height as the magnetic chuck, allowing 5-sided machining in one set-up: The workpiece is simply put on top while the electro-permanent magnetic chuck is activated with a short electrical pulse. Due to the movable pole extensions, it’s no longer necessary to spend time on the laborious fine adjustment nor other preparations are necessary. On the contrary, the pole extensions individually adapt to the workpiece. Punctual damage, or workpiece distortions will not happen. Operators benefit from a maximum clamping accuracy and workpiece evenness. The full-surface clamping minimizes vibrations, prevents the machine spindle and the tool cutting edges from damage, and thereby lowers workpiece and maintenance costs. Power is only required for activating or deactivating the magnets. For maintaining clamping, the parallel pole plates do not require energy. A patented status display informs automatically about the individual state of activation of the magnetic chucks without requiring external energy supply. Thus, for example, the clamping condition in a workpiece storage can be controlled any time. The SCHUNK MAGNOS MFPS parallel pole plates are available in various standardized sizes from 315 mm x 300 mm to 1.000 mm x 500 mm with 6 to 22 poles and a pole pitch of 30 mm. The holding force amounts to 160 N/mm2. Moreover, application-specific parallel pole plates for palletizing systems are available. MAGNOS MFPS magnetic chucks are suitable for milling and drilling applications. Their monoblock design ensures high stability and rigidity, thereby additionally minimizing vibrations, and improving the surface quality of the workpieces considerably.

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