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Sensofar-Tech S.L.
Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya Ctra. BV-1274 km, 1
8225 Terrassa, Barcelona
+34 93 7001492
+34 93 7860116

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About us

Sensofar Group is a multi-national company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-end metrology tools. The Group also provides consultancy within the field of metrology, and pursues a philosophy of guaranteeing advanced techniques, high quality and customer services.

Our experienced team of scientists and engineers provide extensive industry knowledge with key strengths to ensure our company’s success and yours.

Our high-quality products, exemplary customer service and industrial focused solutions, allows Sensofar the flexibility to respond and adapt to your business market needs.

R&D is an additional goal of the company. We have been combining the new product lines with some value-added improvements based on our comprehensive knowledge of the optical metrology field and by working very closely with the CD6-UPC. Through this relationship Sensofar is able to continually consolidate its expertise in its core technologies: non-contact 3D optical measurements.

The Sensofar Group headquarters is located close to Barcelona, in the technological heart of Spain. The Group is represented in over 30 countries through a global network of partners and has its own offices in Asia and the United States.
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