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SHW  Werkzeugmaschinen


SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Alte Schmiede 1
73433 Aalen
+49 7361 5578-800
+49 7361 5578-900

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SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

Universal milling machines (knee type)
SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

Machining centres (Universal)
SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

Machining centres (Universal)
SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

Machining centres (Universal)
SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

Machining centres (Universal)

Grinding-, Honing- and Polishing machines
Machine tools 8
Turning machines (lathes)
Drilling machines
Milling machines 6
Machining centres 2


About us

SHW Werkzeugmaschinen (WM) GmbH is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of travelling column milling and turning machines, universal machining centers and portal milling machines (gantry-type) for the automated machining of large parts in one set up. It ranks among the internationally renowned specialists in machine processing.

Our product range includes machines in various dimensions and characteristics for a variety of applications. Each machine is individually configured to meet the specific demands of our customers.

The "Schwäbische Hüttenwerke" (SHW) were founded in 1365 by Cistercian monks in order to produce raw iron. Based on this experience, SHW successfully started developing its own machine designs in the early 1950´s. After the SHW group was split up in the late 1990´s, the SHW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH was founded in 1999 as an independent private limited company. As of today we are a modern company with an over 650 year long heritage in Aalen-Wasseralfingen and over 70 years of mechanical engineering experience. This rare combination of expertise developed over centuries and an ever-restless mind is what characterises us and our work. Innovative yet still reliable, we are a partner to our customers, who give us their long-term trust: predictable and surprising, rational and sincere, rock-solid – and durably flexible.

We focus in building quality – made in Germany. Quality that isn't just created in the production process but as early as at the development stage: by continuously pushing technological advances we generate better benefits, more value and finally greater success for our customers. Our huge portfolio of SHW patents proves how closely bound tradition and innovation actually are for us. We also see product and performance as an inseparable unit. Our over 250 employees deliver a complete package: machine and service, from development to production management, all from one source – directly from the manufacturer.

We deliver international Service in over 75 countries with more than 30 SHW service technicians in collaboration with our local service partners. Additionally we established SHW representations in the USA, Brasil, China, Russia and India.

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SHW Werkzeugmaschinen
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