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Smeral Brno


Smeral Brno a.s.
Krenová 65 c
65825 Brno
+420 532 167 111
+420 543 255 143

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About us

Šmeral Brno a.s. is the joint-stock company with tradition since 1861. During its more than 150 years history our company has undergone a long development of its production focus, which began with foundry production, followed by addition of mechanical engineering to the decision to produce forming machines of own brand in 1925.Nowadays basis of our production program are by robots or transfers automatized turnkey forming lines and stand-alone forming machines and other equipment for forging shops. For example presses and drop hammers for hot die forging or forging rolls. Šmeral Brno is the world leading supplier of cross wedge rolling machines for steel and aluminium alloys forming.

Important segment of our production program is overhaul and modernization of forming machines of any brand, type or year of manufacture. The rest production capacities are used for engineering and casting production according to customer´s demands.Main part of production is being exported to developed markets worldwide (Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, France, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, USA, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt etc.).Our company employs currently about 500 employees and is one of important employers in South Moravian region of the Czech Republic. We enable personal development of our employees by participation at courses appropriate to their work specialization and we offer wide scale of employee benefits. As part of social responsibility we financially participate in many projects in our region. We work closely with the company trade union organization and we support activities for our former employees.

Since May 2016 Jiří Zoufalý was appointed as CEO of our company.