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Spanflug Buy
Services > Services for production > Build-to-order production for machine parts
Fast, digital processes
Spanflug Buy is a digital procurement solution for turning and milling parts. Through automated processes, Spanflug makes the otherwise time-consuming and tedious procurement more efficient, and purchasers can reduce their efforts by up to 90%.
Based on CAD models and technical drawings, customers receive an immediate online quote for their parts. They can then place an order directly online or via their connected ERP system. Alternatively, they can export the quote as a PDF for further processing.
Inquiries with large part lists, higher quantities or special requirements can also be placed quickly and easily on the Spanflug platform. Customers will receive a corresponding quotation within 48 hours.

Reliable delivery thanks to distributed manufacturing
Spanflug manufactures parts using a partner network with more than 5,000 CNC machines in Germany and Austria. Once the order has been placed, Spanflug assigns the order to the ideal partner with free capacity and delivers the parts on the desired date, starting from 6 working days. In this way, Spanflug enables a stable supply chain even in volatile situations. Purchasing is significantly relieved in their work, especially in supplier management. Throughout the entire process, Spanflug is the central contact and contractual partner for the customer. All manufacturing partners in the Spanflug network are ISO:9001 2015 certified. Compliance with quality requirements is ensured through a multi-stage application process and continuous audits of the partners.

Seamless integration into existing purchasing processes
Spanflug offers professional B2B buyers the opportunity to integrate the platform into their existing purchasing processes. Spanflug Buy can be connected directly to standard ERP or eProcurement solutions via corresponding interfaces. With individual framework agreements, customers can profit from attractive terms and conditions when purchasing larger volumes and apply these to all their employee accounts. Together with the relevant contacts on the customer side the Spanflug experts work out the optimal solution for each company and tailor it to the individual requirements.
Spanflug Make
Software and Hardware > Software for production and production planning > Other software for manufacturing
Spanflug Make offers manufacturing companies in CNC machining the opportunity to make their administrative processes from quoting to material purchasing more efficient. Thanks to the faster and more efficient processes, they can then concentrate fully on their core competence in manufacturing. With Spanflug Make, contract manufacturers can start digitizing their administrative processes immediately and free of charge.

Automated quotes calculation
With Spanflug Make, users calculate manufacturing times and prices automatically based on CAD models and technical drawings. All features relevant to manufacturing are extracted automatically. Within a few seconds, the user receives a detailed calculation proposal, which includes e.g. stock costs, set-up costs and manufacturing costs. The quoting solution can be used as Software-as-a-Service without setup, data set or configuration. By defining their own machine tools and adjusting the calculation settings, software users can optimize the calculation for their individual operation. With Spanflug Make manufacturing companies can calculate 5 parts per month free of charge. For unlimited uploads and calculations Spanflug Make is available as subscription with monthly or yearly plans.

Reliable utilization of manufacturing capacities
Once a company has registered for Spanflug Make, it can apply to become a manufacturing partner within the Spanflug network. Qualified manufacturers receive orders suitable to their operation profile via the Spanflug platform ? without having to write any quotes. This way, they can minimize the administrative effort for sales and order processing and optimize the utilization of their manufacturing capacities.

Efficient procurement of materials
In addition, Spanflug Make provides manufacturing companies with solutions for fast, efficient procurement of materials and consumables. Stock materials and tools required for the manufacturing of parts are automatically evaluated during the parts analysis. It is already possible today, to procure stock products used for the calculations directly through Spanflug. This range will gradually be expanded so that in future all materials, consumables and services required for parts manufacturing can be procured efficiently via Spanflug. Overall goal is to support manufacturing companies in their often time-consuming purchasing processes of materials so they can concentrate on their core competencies in manufacturing.
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