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Change in management

Dr. Eberhard Schoppe, Head of the Transportation and Industrial Components business unit and who has been a member of the executive board for 11 years at the Starrag Group, has decided not to extend his contract and to resign from his management role as of 18 March 2016.

Dr. Schoppe joined the corporation in 1994 and was active in different roles: Since 2015, he has been responsible for Transportation and Industrial Components along with the Heckert and WMW brands. As managing director, he was responsible for the former Business Unit 2 along with the Heckert brand in Chemnitz before that since 2004. He had been a member of the managing board at Heckert GmbH since 1999 as the head of technology and production; previously from 1994, Schoppe worked in factory and production planning and in international sales.

Dr. Schoppe has contributed considerably to the positive development of the Starrag Group as a leading supplier in the Transportation and Industrial Components target market. The board of directors and the executive board expressed their regrets, thank him for his great commitment and his successful work for the Starrag Group. They wish him all the best for the future.

The process of finding a replacement for Dr. Schoppe's role will start immediately. An announcement regarding his successor will follow in due course

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