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Starrag China’s new Shanghai technical centre enables customers

In an unprecedented move to provide potential users of every size and from across all industry sectors with unrivalled levels of technical support – and machine prove-out – Starrag China has opened a technical centre in Shanghai to serve the Swiss-based machine tool solutions provider’s evergrowing customer base throughout China.

As well as housing a number of Starrag machines that are under power to demonstrate their cost-effectiveness and production efficiencies – the new 2,200 m2 Starrag Shanghai TechCenter also offers visitors world-class applications engineering expertise coupled with superlative training for machine operators and programmers so that customers can quickly attain a seamless, integrated route to Engineering precisely what you value.

The in-situ Starrag LX 051 (for turbine blades) and NB 251 (for impellers and blisks) machines are currently complemented by the multi-axis Bumotec s191 and s181 multi-tasking machining centres – ideal for use in the luxury goods, jewellery, medical and watchmaking industries, for example – as well as a Heckert H50 machining centre which is targeted at a wide range of different parts across varying industrial sectors.

These machines are all under power for demonstrations as well as for test cutting, with Starrag China applications engineers on hand to share their experience in getting the best from each machine and process.

Indeed, the applications engineers will also be available to provide insights into the benefits of Starrag’s worldclass processes and technologies – such as the Integrated Production System – to permit unrivalled end-toend manufacturing gains.

The Starrag NB151 blisk machine and the Starrag STC1250 and Heckert X40 machining centres will be installed, to support these with additional engineers and operators, therefore giving visitors to the TechCenter a comprehensive insight into the wide-ranging capabilities of the Starrag product ranges.

“All over the world, Starrag succeeds not only because of our high-performance machines but also due to the effectiveness of our ‘smart technology solutions’,” says Starrag China’s Managing Director, Tony Liu. “And it is no different in China where, now with the TechCenter, we have created the perfect platform on which to cooperate closely with our customers.”

He adds: “Of course, the machines are superb but to make them perform at the best of their capabilities consistently well, day in and day out, they must be complemented by welltrained operators and programmers who can fully capitalise on our globallyproven production technologies and processes. So, imparting the correct high-level machine operating and manufacturing skills is equally important to us.”

– The five-axis Starrag LX 051 (aerofoil blade) has X-, Y- and Z- axis travels of 650 mm, 650 mm and 680 mm, respectively, plus a 360 deg endless A-axis and a B-axis of -90/+50deg

– The NB 251 is designed for the machining of impellers and blisks of up to 780 mm diameter and weighing 500 kgs.

– With linear driven motors, Bumotec s191 machining centres are available in various configurations and with up to five axes of machining capacity. The twin-station Bumotec s181 millturn centre can work on two parts simultaneously.

– The 4-axis Heckert H50 machining centre has an X-, Y- and Z-axis working envelope of 700 mm by 750 mm by 780 mm with 38 % reduction in footprint than usual.

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