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The new five-axis machining centre with rotary table: Heckert T45

Starrag presented the brand new, multi-talented Heckert T45 for the first time at AMB 2018. The characteristics: a highly compact, yet robust machine construction and a rotary swivelling unit with 500-mm round pallet specifically developed for turning operations; and to go with it, a rigid HSK-T100 spindle for high cutting performance. This makes the Heckert T45 the ideal solution for productive complete machining in a wide range of applications.

The day-to-day work spectrum of this machining centre ranges seamlessly from milling and turning to complex procedures such as gear milling. The machining centre was developed for complete machining of a wide variety of demanding components in drive technology, hydraulics and general mechanical engineering.

The compact design of the temperature-stable and vibration-resistant mineral cast machine bed, with its central swarf conveyor and integrated cooling unit, means that space and coolant supply requirements are significantly lower than comparable machining centres on the market. The additional peripheral devices were intelligently integrated into the machine room to ensure first-class accessibility and servicing, despite the compact design.

It also offers a high level of productivity. Instead of having to use processes on multiple machines to produce a finished component, in most cases only one clamping operation is required – even for toothed parts. The Heckert T45 therefore achieves a productivity benefit of up to 25 % in comparison to conventional five-axis centres when toothing workpieces.

During the development process, the developers focused on the well-known strengths of Heckert machines: highquality, stable machine construction which provides long-term precision. The key component in the Heckert T45 is the rotary swivelling unit. The developers have impressed by managing to transfer the A-axis system, proven on the larger HEC centres, into these compact machines. In addition, the rotary table masters even high-quality turning operations with ease, thanks to a maximum speed of 900 rpm. In order to enable high cutting performance at such speeds, Starrag supplies the Heckert T45 with a HSK-T100 toolholder as standard. This is because its large planar support provides the necessary rigid tool connection.

The Heckert T45 is also equipped with the requisite preparations for various workpiece automation concepts – from flexible manufacturing systems to large-scale production with directed workpiece flow. For entry into the world of flexible automation, the team in Chemnitz has even developed its own space-saving system which contains six pallets and a set-up station – enough for a small, flexible production cell.

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