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Status Pro GmbH


Status Pro GmbH
Mausegatt 19
44866 Bochum
+49 2327 9881-0
+49 2327 9881-81

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About us

Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH was founded in 1995. We are manufacturer as well as dealer and repair company of machine measuring technology and divide these into four divisions.

Machine tool calibration:
Interferometers, precision inclination measurement technology, machine spirit levels and laser measurement technology for the measurement of machine tools. This is about alignment, calibration and diagnosis of machine tools.

Machine geometry:
The measurement of straightness, flatness, perpendicularity and levelling by laser as well as photogrammetry for machine builders. Typical applications: Flange flatness, levelling and borehole positioning measurement.

Machine diagnostics:
Vibration measuring instruments and vibration sensors as well as online measuring units and monitoring systems for determining the condition of a machine. Balancing devices and measuring technology for determining the condition of rolling bearings play a major role here.

Shaft alignment:
Laser measuring technology and laser measuring devices for aligning shafts with each other as well as shim plates and other aids for shaft alignment. Typical areas of application: Motor pumps, the alignment of machines with cardan shafts, gear couplings, claw couplings or spring bar couplings.

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