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New-generation cermets featuring multiple tool lives

Due to the increasing diversity of tungsten carbides and high-performance coatings, the cermet cutting material has often been eclipsed during the last years. However, new-generation cermets from Sumito- mo show considerably enhanced performance, significantly extended fields of application, and an ex- tremely long service life of the cutting edges. Innovative coatings provide cermet cutting inserts with amazing properties and extremely long tool life. 


By Karl-Heinz Gies, Stuttgart

Many different types of tung- sten carbide and equally dif- ferent coatings for indexable cutting inserts offer a wide variety of machining options. It is this versatility and the supposedly easy deployment of such indexable inserts that constrained the market share of cermet inserts in the past. What is more, the cermet inserts are rumoured to show a certain sensitivity to fracture especially when it comes to interrupted cuts.

New types of cermets in- crease performance and ex- tend the fields of application

However, the types of cer- mets have also undergone innovative developments that

extended the fields of applica- tion and led to significant improvements. For many years, Sumitomo has been a market leader in the devel- opment of new cutting mate- rials for cutting processes. The same applies to the cermets [...]

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