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SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall GmbH Products
Clamping holders, turning

Polygon - Shank Tool Holder Series

The Sumitomo polygon shank holders enable an extremely high stiffness connection between machine and tool. The conical polygon can take high bending and torque moments based on the combination of the face contact to the spindle. This self-guiding coupling system offers high precision and a repeatability of ± 2µm in X, Y and Z axis.
While using this easy and quick coupling system it is possible to gain higher machine utilization time as the set-up and tool change times are reduced.
The compact design and the high stiffness connection to the spindle offer a versatile use e.g. on multi-task machines, machining centers and turning-milling centers.

• Double-clamping system D-Type for negative holders
• Holders for general turning, copying and facing
• Available for negative and positive insert types
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SumiPolygon grooving system
SumiPolygon grooving system
ISO Polygon Modular cassette grooving system
Clamping holders, turning
SumiPolygon grooving system
New grades and chipbreakers have been added to the already established GND grooving system with polygon shank and a flexible and economical cassette system for inserts. An array of chipbreakers improves the efficiency in chip control in various applications such as grooving, turning, profiling and cut-off.

Thanks to our new modular grooving system, cassettes for TGA inserts have been added to the modular system for soft grooving. Triangular TGA inserts with integral chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control. Combined with AC530U grade TGA inserts cover a wide application range for machining of steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

In addition to GND and TGA inserts for soft grooving, tangential CGA inserts enable hard grooving with SUMIBORON grades. Uncoated CBN grade BN250 developed for continuous grooving and coated CBN grade BNC30G for interrupted grooving applications.

• ISO PSC 40 / 50 base holder
• Modular system with compact, stable design
• Cassettes for soft and hard grooving (GND / TGA / CGA)
• Repeatability of interface ± 2 µm
• Internal coolant supply directly to the cutting edge
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