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Takisawa MachineTool


Takisawa MachineTool Co., Ltd.
983 Natukawa, Kitaku
701-0164 Okayama
+81 86 293-1500
+81 86 293-5799

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Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 36 categories

Machine tools
Turning machines (lathes)
Machining centres
Flexible manufacturing cells and systems

About us

We aim to contribute realization of social and environmental sustainability and to enrich the life of people all over the world through manufacture and sale of machine tools. Also, we set our sights on improving the shareholder value and fulfilling the social responsibility of our company by realizing permanent growth and stable profits.

Thus, we set two management policies : [Company flexibly corresponding to market fluctuation, realizing permanent growth and stable profits, and closely related to local community] and [Company continuously providing products earning excellent reputation worldwide: "Craftsmanship company with something gleaming"].