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TDM Systems News

TDM Systems: Continuous Growth with Sales Partners Worldwide

As part of the growth strategies of both TDM Systems and HAIMER in South East Asia, the two companies are joining forces to offer a one-stop-shop toolroom solution to machining companies in this prospering economic region.

In an effort to deliver the productivity and agility manufacturers need, and driving the digitalization in discrete manufacturing, HAIMER Asia Pacific Ltd. will offer TDM Systems’ tool data management solutions. As a turn-key solution HAIMER presetters will be equipped with a TDM starter kit -  a comprehensive package supporting smart manufacturing processes.

The goals are ambitious: a significant increase in sales in the coming years, a fast-growing customer base and first-class service in the prospering economic region South East Asia. To achieve these goals, Christian Kübel, Sales Director APAC at TDM Systems, is driving forward the global business development of the TDM solutions by expanding the partner network. And with Haimer, one of the top-selling premium manufacturers of presetting equipment in the world, Kübel was able to sign up an important strategic sales partnership for TDM Systems to achieve these goals.

According to Kübel, HAIMER will, with their sophisticated and high-quality products, address "exactly those customers for whom a TDM solution is interesting." To ensure high customer satisfaction, HAIMER has maintained several sales and service offices in the region for years. "So, they know the country, the industry, the people and the language," says Kübel. The technical foundation of the partnership is the existing interface to HAIMER presetting devices which offers mutual customers enormous advantages.

For HAIMER, the cooperation is also promising. "Machining companies realize the greatest efficiency gains when they use our presetting devices together with TDM software. Therefore, we are pleased that we can now also actively offer this to our customers," emphasizes Amolak Singh, Managing Director at HAIMER SEA.

Since HAIMER and TDM Systems have already successfully implemented several joint projects in South East Asia, Kübel is certain that "HAIMER as a network partner will significantly push our sales in this region."

HAIMER, which has been part of the TDM partner network since 2020, will offer the TDM solution in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with immediate effect.

HAIMER will install the TDM solution on site at its technology centers for presentation purposes as part of the partnership. This will create great awareness among HAIMER's customers, Kübel is certain. In addition, HAIMER will equip its presetters in the countries mentioned with a TDM starter kit. This joint overall package is the "start into a holistic solution in the field of digital tool management for the customers”, says Kübel.

Smart manufacturing technologies such as a tool management systems offer great benefits, but it takes more than choosing the right technology - choosing the right partner ultimately helps to get  maximum results and productivity increases for the end customer.

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