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Tebis Consulting: First Prize in "Wirtschaftswoche" Award

Award "Best of Consulting Mittelstand" for the best competitive strategy/Project wins out with outstanding customer benefits/Long-term success through repositioning and process optimization

Tebis Consulting, the manufacturing-related and software-independent consulting service of Tebis AG, won first prize in the "Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2018" competition.

The "Wirtschaftswoche" journal recognized the team in the category of "competitive strategies" and announced the winner on November 20. Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting, accepted the award, together with the entire team. "We are deeply honored to receive the award for the best competitive strategy. We are happy to be recognized for the success of our customers," said Lüdtke.

This was the ninth year that the well-known business journal called for the  submission of customer projects in one of the most comprehensive consultant assessments in Germany. Tebis participated with the project "repositioning of Formbar AG" in the “competitive strategies” category. The scientific advisory board and the jury were impressed by the outstanding customer benefit and long-term success. "This confirms our comprehensive approach and underscores our expertise in management consulting as well as in classic process consulting," says Lüdtke.

Machine run time doubled
The original core competence of Swiss company Formbar AG is in foundry model making.  But the market and price situation in the industry became increasingly worse. The model and mold manufacturer was confronted with a shortage of qualified personnel, decreasing utilization of capacity, complex processes and clear losses. After a comprehensive analysis of the initial situation, Tebis Consulting worked with Formbar to develop a new target market strategy. In addition to management consulting for repositioning in the market, existing processes were improved through process consulting. Standardization and automated programming were introduced, with training, coaching and parallel implementation. The final evaluation yielded a clear plus in efficiency and process reliability: Machine run time was doubled with the same personnel. Formbar generated new customers – sales were increased by 70 percent and profit by 40 percent. The company is now also established in the Swiss market. "It was a very difficult time then, and many told me that I could not do it. Tebis gave us outstanding support and certainly contributed significantly to the fact that we are so efficient today," says Kaspar Hürlimann, managing director of Formbar AG.

Project competition "Best of Consulting Mittelstand"
Every year, the "Wirtschaftswoche" journal organizes the free project competition "Best of Consulting" (for medium-sized companies). As a prerequisite for participation, companies must have a minimum level of consulting revenues. A scientific advisory board and jury evaluate projects in ten categories. They review the project success of the consulting companies and evaluate them based on the criteria of technical and communications dimensions, actual impact and customer satisfaction.

About Tebis
Tebis AG is a global market and technology leader in the CAD/CAM and MES sector. With Tebis, customers can design, plan and manufacture models, molds and components efficiently, reliably and in the highest quality. Teams of experienced consulting and implementation specialists develop strategies for efficient and reliable CAD/CAM processes and implement them at customers’ facilities, ensuring a sustainable technological and competitive advantage. In addition, with its manufacturing-related and software-independent consulting, Tebis Consulting supports companies in optimizing existing business strategies and establishing new ones.

With headquarters in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, Tebis AG has nine subsidiary offices around the world as well as distributors in eight additional countries. 350 employees worldwide support the company's customers, most of whom are from the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors.

Automation has been a key factor in the Tebis formula for success for more than 30 years. Tebis views itself as an innovator for its customers on their path towards Industry 4.0.


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