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Temelsan Makina


Temelsan Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Litros Hastane Yolu S. 1. Baltas San. Sit. No: 10/40 Bayrampasa
34020 Istanbul
+90 212 544-2518
+90 212 577-6557

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About us

We do not have in our DNA having successes with our past achievements. As a manufacturer that has sold more than 15,000 machines until today, you may think that we need have some rest, but things do not work that way in Temelsan. Since 1985 we have developed and perfected, renewed, innovate from beginning to end, created a change in the industry, and changed our Vertical Band Saw, metal bands and band saw blade Flash Butt Welding machine productions.

As Temelsan Makina we are all aimed; to make our Vertical Band Saw Machines and Band Saw Blade Flash Butt Welding Machines, more reliable, easier to use. From first day we started maniuacturing, our first aim is to produce a machine that will meet the investment that our customers have made.

With the advances in machine design, the machine is constantly getting stronger with features that increase the cutting speeds of the looms and reduce the downtime of the welding saw. Temelsan Machinery combines all these developments with information and experience.
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