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Tenryu Saw


Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd.
3711 Asaba
437-1195 Fukuroi City, Shizuoka-Pref.
+81 538 236-111
+81 538 236-584

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About us

Since its establishment in 1913, Tenryu Saw Mfg. Co., Ltd. has been advancing alongside the advancement of the industry of the time, as a forerunner in the power saw manufacturing industry, with the basic principle of performing “pioneer work”, in an effort to promote its business.
Over our 100 year history, we have offered reliable products to Japanese industries that continue to progress, using the technologies that we have accumulated as a saw blade manufacturer. Today, we have added the manufacturing of overall cutting tools to our business and established a manufacturing base in China and Thailand, and distribution bases in the United States, Germany, India and Mexico. We are making a company-wide effort to create a company that will continue to grow in the future and to enhance our global competitiveness, while we expand our business to the global market.
As Tenryu marks its 100th anniversary, the economic environment surrounding the world remains in the balance; however, we are determined to establish a firm management base for the next generation, based on the technologies we have accumulated and with the support of our clients, shareholders, and those who supply us with materials.
We believe that it is our responsibility as a pioneering manufacturer that was the first to launch domestic production of industrial saw blades in Japan to accurately grasp the voices of our users and to continue producing saw blades that are state-of-the-art cutting tools for the ever-advancing industrial materials.
We are determined to continue working to establish the PAS brand through encouraging the ingenuity of each employee and by constantly creating new values, while fulfilling our social responsibilities as a company.
We truly appreciate your continued understanding and support of our business.