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Tim Growing Bearing ( Zhejiang Products
Tim Growing Bearing Co.Ltd
Slide and ball bearings
Precise angular contact bearings for machine center's spindle
keine zusätzlichen Kosten für Benutzer, und entfernen Sie zusätzliche Ursachen, um die Probleme auf dem Maschinencenter zu haben
Erhöhen Sie die radiale Steifigkeit, und der Spindel-Temperaturanstieg liegt unter der Bedingung der Grenzgeschwindigkeit unter 20%
mehr Tragfähigkeit, sowohl für Hochgeschwindigkeitsschneiden als auch für Schwerzerspanung; niedriger Temperaturanstieg, unter den Bedingungen der Geschwindigkeitsgrenze ist die Temperatur viel niedriger als 15 Grad
unter der gleichen starren Bedingung (Vorspannung) liegt der Spindel-Temperaturanstieg unter der Bedingung der Grenzdrehzahl unter 20%, und die Lebensdauer verlängert sich um mehr als das Doppelte.
Mit dieser Kerntechnologie kann die Lebensdauer von Spindellagern garantiert werden und Ausfallzeiten für Spindel und Maschine werden vermieden
no additional cost for users, and remove extra cause to have the problems on machine center
Increase radial rigidty, and the spindle temperature rise is lower than 20% under the condition of limiting speed
more load capacity, covering both high-speed cutting and heavy cutting; lower temperature rise, under the conditions of speed limit, the temperature is much lower than 15 ℃
under the same rigid (preload) condition, the spindle temperature rise is lower than 20% under the condition of limiting speed, and the life is extended by more than two times.
with this core technology, the life of pspindle bearings can be guarantee and avoid the possiblity of downtime for the spindle and machine
TIMG, Devoted Our Mind On Spindle Bearings’s Development, Production, and Application for Vertical Machine Center. Shanghai Tim Growing Bearing Co., Ltd. (TIMG®) was established in 2012, and intending to achieve a breakthrough in products to meet our clients’ demand in the machine tool industry.
TIMG® applies basic theory to product design, and manufacturing process relies on our core technology and detail management. We are honest to each test data, determined to create high-end bearing brand.

01 Raw material advantage
All raw materials are used highly pure bearing steel imported from Europe.

02 Heat treatment
Advanced facility and art of heat treatment, and also control the whole process seriously, which is to ensure excellent origination & performance of TIMG’s bearings.

03 Cage
According to the material characteristic of PEEK, TIMG® uses the simulation analysis like aerodynamics, high speed deformation and plastic injection molding, which makes our design more suitable for the working condition of spindle both in theory and reality. Our cage is made by extremely precise injection mold.

04 Design
TIMG has the powerful development team and makes use of computer technology to guide the bearing design, at the same time combines the practical production and mathematical calculations

05 Production
TIMG has the advanced and professional production line of precise angular contact bearings, and furthermore the key facilities are adopted from worldwide top brands.

06 Inspection and Measurement
TIMG retains all kinds of accurate inspection equipment to meet with the requirements for bearing’s production and machining

07 Assembly
TIMG bearings are grinding by a way of lean assembly and all bearings have been done universal matching.

08 Technical Service
TIMG has the capability to provide customers bearing’s selection, also a package of solutions to problems that may be arisen during use.

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