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For the big jobs - the new TruBend Series 8000

Ditzingen, in September 2015 - Both large open heights and bending lengths, along with press power of up to 1,000 tons make the machines in the new TruBend Series 8000, built by TRUMPF, true powerhouses. Here, these flexible, large-format machines cover a broad spectrum of applications. Featuring lengths of up to eight meters and bending depths of up to 500 millimeters, these machines are predestined for machining larger parts. In addition to their use on long profiles, the immense press power can also be concentrated on smaller parts with short bending sides. High-strength and, at the same time, very thick sheets can be bent with no difficulty, thanks to the high press power levels. The bending length also has advantages when bending smaller workpieces at multiple bending stations.

Typical applications will be found in the working vehicle production industry and in agricultural vehicles and shipbuilding. Components for façades, roofs and gates, as well as door frames and commercial kitchens, can be produced with these machines.

Built for heavy, precise service, and for quick functioning

Unsurpassed quality is achieved with a mechanical wedge crowning facility, featuring a precisely adjustable crowning curve. The adjustment is made automatically via a drive integrated into the machine table. Crowning, under CNC control, ensures uniform angular precision along the entire length of the bend. It is available in two load versions: up to 3,000 or up to 6,000 kilonewtons per meter. One thing special is that the crowning curve can be adjusted at individual points, every 250 millimeters. In this way it is possible to compensate for tolerances resulting from tool wear or special demands on the bent components.

To ensure precise angles beginning with the first part, the TruBend Series 8000 is fitted with the LCB (Laser Controlled Bending) angle measurement system. This system is especially user-friendly since it makes its measurements optically, features automatic compensation, and works regardless of the tool being used.

The machines in the TruBend Series 8000 are available as surface-mounted versions with up to 320 tons of press power at six meters' working length or 400 tons at five meters. These are designed as models to be mounted on the floor and need not be recessed. Thus, they require no special foundations, which saves both time and money during installation.

Many details simplify the operator's work. For example, the mobile control unit MobileControl shortens walking distances, since the control system's major functions can be available at up to three stations, right at the machine, with positioning suiting the user. When dealing with very large and heavy components, TRUMPF offers, in addition to the standard bending aids and support brackets, special heavy-duty versions that can carry up to 300 kilograms.

Large formats from Teningen

It is with the TruBend Series 8000 that TRUMPF is marketing the first products from TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen Teningen GmbH, formerly the EHT Werk­zeugmaschinen GmbH. This represents an expansion of its product spectrum. In addition to these standard machines, the company also offers, under the EHT brand, tailor-made bending solutions matching customer specifications. The EHT VarioPress machines cover needs for extreme press power, exceeding 1,000 tons, and are available with special functions or as tandem systems for especially long parts.

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