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Simple and affordable laser cutting


Simple and affordable laser cutting

TRUMPF presents the TruLaser 1030: a space-saving, inexpensive, easy-to-operate new development

Ditzingen, October 5, 2009 – small, light, easy to use, inexpensive and high-precision: these are perhaps the most important characteristics of the latest development from TRUMPF. The TruLaser 1030, which is being unveiled at Blechexpo 2009, is more than just TRUMPF's newest laser cutting system, it also offers manufacturers the ability to pursue new business opportunities.

Cost-efficient cutting in-house

"There is no other laser cutting machine like it on the market," says Stephan Bundschu, the lead engineer of the team that designed this most recent innovation for TRUMPF. "The TruLaser 1030 features all the benefits of TRUMPF technology at an incredible price. Manufacturers can now easily add laser cutting to their in-house services."

Fits into a container

The compact TruLaser 1030 can be packed into a single standard container and transported very easily on a hook into the machine hall. It has a footprint of just 25 square meters requiring about half the floor space of a conventional 3 meter laser machine, but it can still handle large pieces of sheet metal. The machine's low weight means that a floor thickness of 100 mm is completely adequate making it unecessary to strengthen the foundations or drill holes for floor anchors. The machine can start work very soon after delivery.

As simple as a CD player

The development engineers who designed the TruLaser 1030 gave great importance to simple operation. A special feature of the concept is that the user can choose between a beginner's and a professional level. For beginners the touch panel only shows the keys which are needed for fast parts cutting. Functions such as start, stop and pause are similar to those on a home entertainment CD player. Dialogs provide intuitive guidance through the program and the technology tables run automatically in the background. As a result, people without laser cutting experience can operate the machine. At the professional level, the operator has the option of adapting all of the TEC technology values. And, with the integrated workshop programming he or she can move from the geometry file to the finished cutting program in just five steps.

Inexpensive and efficient

The new TRUMPF machine covers all the fundamental needs of industrial sheet-metal processors. It combines a rugged drive system and machine construction with a TRUMPF TruCoax 2 kW diffusion-cooled RF laser resonator, to provide a cost-effective laser cutting system. The TruCoax is very compact and requires only a small amount of laser gas. "Energy consumption is very low in the laser's standby mode," adds development manager Bundschu. With a simultaneous axis speed of 85 m/min, the TruLaser 1030 can cut mild steel in thicknesses up to 15 mm.

Meeting a wide range of needs

The machine is geared to the needs of various target groups. It is ideal for laser beginners who want to bring outsourced work in-house or who for cost reasons are switching from solid material to sheet metal. It also meets the requirements of companies wishing to expand their sheet-metal production capacity. They can, for example, produce prototypes and low-volume products on the TruLaser 1030 and use the capacity on their other machines for larger orders. The TruLaser 1030 is also a worthwhile investment as an inexpensive training machine.

The extractor travels along with the cutting head and efficiently removes fumes as they arise.

A touch panel guides the operator step by step through the program.

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