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Tsugami Corporation
12-20, Tomizawa-cho Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
103-0006 Tokyo
+81 3 38 08 11 72
+81 3 38 08 11 75

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Route planner

Service Spectrum: Represented in 25 categories

Machine tools
Turning machines (lathes)
Machining centres
Grinding machines
Screwing and threading machines

About us

Accuracy, Speed and Rigidity TSUGAMI is recognized worldwide for superior precision machine tools.

We provide high-precision, high-speed and high-rigidity products in line with customers’ needs, underpinned by the precision technologies we have been developing ever since TSUGAMI was first established.

In the face of rapidly changing technologies, not least in the IT industry, we recognize that we need to improve overall performance even further. That is why we are focusing all of our efforts on research and development. Looking ahead, we intend to take on board direct feedback from customers and anticipate their needs, so that we can maintain our focus on product development, with an emphasis on automatic lathes, grinding machines, machining centers and other high-precision processing machinery, and continue providing products that guarantee customer satisfaction.

We hope we can continue to rely on your support in the future.

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