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Twikit NV
Uitbreidingstraat 60-62
2600 Antwerpen

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Additive Manufacturing
Machines and systems for additive manufacturing
Other systems for additive manufacturing
Services for additive manufacturing
Consultants for additive processes
Design development for additive processes

About us

Twikit enables companies to digitally manufacture individualized products on-demand at a large scale. The TWIKBOT® subscription based software works end-to-end across industries to revolutionize the customer experience.

No matter the industry, customers want to feel their individual preferences matter with brands that take responsibility in moving towards a more sustainable future. With Twikit you can offer the personalized experience they seek.

Industry leaders start realizing that manufacturing can be done in a different and more sustainable way, they can now capture the value of individualized products in a highly scalable way.

Founded by Gijs Hoppenbrouwers, Martijn Joris, and Georges Lieben at the end of 2012 in Belgium – a region renowed for its pioneering in additive manufacturing and engineering.

Twikit counts customers from all over the globe with their growing team of technology and application specialists.