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Gun Drilling

April 2017
Author: UNISIG
Company: UNISIG GmbH
Gun Drilling

About Gun Drilling

Gun drilling is one common method of deep hole drilling, generally used for smaller diameter holes.  This method is ideal for achieving extreme depth-to-diameter drilling ratios at these small diameters, due to a refined process of cutting, exhausting chips, and maintaining straightness and roundness tolerances. 

A gun drill tool differs from conventional twist drills due to its unique head geometry; a gun drill has a single effective cutting edge.  Straightness is maintained by guide pads that burnish the hole during the drilling process.  The resulting hole is extremely round with a precision diameter and relatively smooth surface finish.

Gundrilling differs from the BTA process by its method of coolant entry and chip exhaust.  Gundrill coolant is introduced through a small hole within the tool, which connects at the spindle to coolant lines.  Chips and coolant run along a v-shaped groove along the exterior of the tool.  BTA drilling introduces coolant through a mechanism around the tool head and drill tube, and is contained in the pressure head, or boza.  BTA tools have a large hole in the tool head that allows chips and coolant to easily exit, without clogging or scratching.  BTA drilling becomes more effective than gundrilling around a hole diameter of 50mm.

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