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Buy Used Corner Notcher (Hydraulic)

Hydraulic punching machines are a type of machine tools used for punching holes and recesses in metal plates and sheets. They work by means of a hydraulic system that exerts a high force on the punching tool. These machines consist of a punching die made up of an upper punch and a lower die holder, which face each other. The material to be processed is positioned between the two parts, and the hydraulic system is activated to push the punch down with great force and punch the material. Hydraulic punching machines have the advantage of working quickly and ensuring high precision and repeatability in the production of holes and recesses in the materials. They are capable of punching larger holes in thicker materials than mechanical unhooking machines. Also, they can often automatically produce different sizes of holes and notches without the operator having to make manual adjustments. Hydraulic unhooking machines are used in a variety of applications, including the production of metal parts for the automotive, aerospace, machine building and other industrial applications. However, they are typically more expensive than mechanical unhooking machines and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and long life.

Vermutl BOSCHERT K 4-150
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Vermutl BOSCHERT K 4-150
Corner Notcher (Hydraulic)
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