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A dial indicator is an instrument for measuring small distances or differences in height or depth. It consists of a steel frame, a display device and a measuring probe. The probe can have either a flat contact surface for measuring height or a rounded contact surface for measuring holes or cavities. Dial gauges are commonly used in the manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive industry, to check the tolerances of workpieces and ensure that they meet predetermined specifications. They can also be used in quality assurance and inspection to ensure that products meet required standards. There are several types of dial indicators, including analog and digital dial indicators. Analog dial indicators have a scale and needle that display the measured value. Digital dial indicators have an LCD display and can be more accurate and easier to read. Some of the common dial indicators include: Interior dial indicator for measuring boreholes and interiors. Outside dial indicator for measuring outside diameters Depth dial gauge for measuring depths Height dial gauge for measuring heights Choosing the right type of dial indicator depends on the specific application and requirements.

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