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Forging presses, also known as forging hammers or forging press hydraulic presses, are special machines used in metalworking to form metal by placing it between dies or forming tools and processing it under high pressure. Forging presses usually use hydraulic or mechanical power. Hydraulic forging presses use hydraulic fluid to apply pressure to the workpiece, while mechanical forging presses use mechanical forces and lever mechanisms to process the workpiece. Both types of forging presses are available in various sizes and capacities and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application and workpiece. Forging presses are typically used in the metalworking industry to forge metal parts such as bars, tubes, plates and other shapes. Forging presses can also be used to produce parts made of aluminum, brass and copper. Forging presses provide precise control over the processing of the workpiece, resulting in high quality and accurate results. They are also efficient as they work quickly and have a high capacity, which helps to optimize the production process. Overall, forging presses are valuable equipment in metalworking and an important part of the manufacturing chain in many industries.

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Strojaren Prako KAP-70
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Strojaren Prako KAP-70
Forging Presses
Schirmer Plate Simpelkamp SPS 1200016000 KN
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