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Buy Used Forklift Truck

A forklift truck is a forklift-like vehicle used to lift and move goods, pallets and other loads. It has a height-adjustable fork that can be slid under the load to pick it up and move it. Forklifts are used in many industries and applications, including warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and others. There are different types of forklift trucks, including lift trucks, electric forklifts, diesel forklifts and gas engine forklifts, which are suitable for different performance requirements.

forks cfs Falkenroth 150 x 65 Länge 1190 mm
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Drive axle Linde H60D   MV75
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Hydraulikpumpe 24 V 2 kW Plessey EMI A096X  D 112/2R-6/8
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Heavy duty wheel unbekannt 415/75-305
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hydraulic pressure regulator Parker SCPSD-250-14-152
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driving switch unbekannt SB0604
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heavy duty roller Gumasol 250/80-170
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Hydraulic cylinder 700 bar Yale H-20/250 Hub 250 mm
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Forklift Charger 80V/105A intronic D 80/105 + EU
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landing gear Logitrans SGL 2000V
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Deichsel Logitrans SGL 2000V
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Charger for forklift 12 V 6/12 A Elektron WLG 2
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control panel Rapid RVT 2500
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landing gear Rapid RVT 2500  24V 2,0 kW
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Hydrauliköltank 11 Ltr. Ewert Butler 1200
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Drawbar complete with drive Deca F2/10/27
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Lastrad Finally unbekannt Rad Ø 80 mm
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Charger 24V 8A Gansow E 24/ 8 Minitron
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steering motor Engel Jungheinrich GNM5460E-G18
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landing gear Jungheinrich ECE 20  GF 106-G3
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How can a used truck be used?

A used forklift can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Here are some examples:

  • Warehouses and logistics centers: In large warehouses and logistics centers, used forklifts can be used to optimize space and enable faster loading and unloading of goods.
  • Production facilities: In production facilities, forklifts are needed to transport raw materials and finished products, load machines or supply production lines with supplies.
  • Construction sites: At construction sites, forklifts contribute to the efficient supply of materials. They can lift building materials such as cement, steel or wood and transport them to the respective places of use.
  • Retail: In retail, forklifts help load and unload supplies, as well as load and unload goods into shelves or sales vehicles.

Types of used forklift trucks

There are different types of second-hand forklifts that can meet different needs. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Electric forklifts: electric forklifts are often used indoors as they are quiet and emission-free. They are ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing plants and retail environments.
  • Diesel forklifts: Diesel forklifts are powerful and can move heavy loads. They are often used outdoors and are well suited for construction sites and other work environments where there is no electrical infrastructure.
  • Gas forklifts: Gas-powered forklifts are a flexible option as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are powerful and offer good maneuverability.

Why buy used forklift trucks?

Buying a used forklift truck offers several advantages:

  • Cost efficiency: used forklifts are usually much cheaper than new models. This allows companies to reduce their investment costs while acquiring a reliable piece of equipment.
  • Immediate availability: Unlike ordering a new truck, a used unit is usually available immediately. This is particularly advantageous if a company is in urgent need of purchasing a forklift truck.
  • Proven reliability: Many used forklifts already have a history of use and have proven their performance. By purchasing one, you can be assured of the model's reliability and longevity.

Buy a used forklift truck on IndustryArena

IndustryArena is a reputed online platform that offers used forklifts and other industrial machinery. Buying on this platform offers several advantages:

  • Large selection: On IndustryArena you will find a wide range of used forklifts of different manufacturers, models, and price ranges. Here you have the opportunity of comparing offers and find the right machine for your requirements.
  • Transparent information: Every offer on IndustryArena contains detailed information about the condition of the forklift, its technical data, maintenance history and other relevant information. This enables you to make informed decisions when you want to buy a used forklift.
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