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Buy Used Horizontal Toggle Lever Presses for Cold Flow Solid Forming

Horizontal toggle presses for cold forming are a special type of toggle presses used for forming metal parts at room temperature. These presses have a horizontal orientation and are particularly suitable for the mass production of smaller parts such as screws, bolts and nuts. The horizontal toggle press for cold bulk forming consists of a housing with two uprights, a toggle mechanism and a tooling system for forming the metal part. The press is capable of exerting high forces on the workpiece to form it into the desired shape. Typically, a wire is inserted into the press and formed by the toggle mechanism to form the thread and head of the bolt or screw. The horizontal orientation of the press allows for easy integration into automated production lines and feeding systems. The horizontal toggle press for cold forming offers high precision and repeatability, and is capable of producing high volumes at high speeds. It is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the production of fasteners and fixing parts for the automotive, aerospace, electronics and other industries.

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Horizontal Toggle Lever Presses for Cold Flow Solid Forming