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Large area mowers are special mowers used for maintenance of large lawns and green areas. They are usually larger and more powerful than conventional lawn mowers and can mow a larger area in less time. Large area mowers come in a variety of styles, including flail mowers, bar mowers and mulching mowers. Flail mowers have rotating blades that cut the grass and then shred it with flails or hammers. Bar mowers have a horizontally rotating blade that cuts the grass and lays it on the ground. Mulching mowers have special blades that cut the grass and then shred it into small pieces that are left on the lawn as natural fertilizer. Large area mowers are commonly used on golf courses, public parks, athletic fields and other large lawns. They can also be used for landscape maintenance on farms and in rural areas. Choosing the right large area mower depends on several factors, including the size and type of lawn, the power required and the desired mowing method. It is important to select a mower that meets specific requirements and provides effective and efficient lawn care.

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tires Doro Turf 15x6.00-6
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