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Buy Used Measuring Cylinders, Parallels- and Squares

Measuring columns, series hair angles and stop angles are all tools used in precision measurement and mechanical engineering. Measuring columns are tools used to measure the height and vertical position of objects. They consist of a vertical column with a scaled measuring rod that can be moved along the column. The column itself can be attached to a base plate to keep it stable, or to a machine to measure the position of parts on a work surface. Row hair angles are flat, rectangular steel tools with two sides that are 90 degrees to each other. The sides of the angle are flat and accurately machined to provide a straight reference surface. The angle is used to measure 90 degree angles or to check the straightness of edges. Stop angles are L-shaped steel tools used for measuring and drawing right angles. They consist of a wide base and a short side that is at right angles to the base. The short side of the angle is placed against an edge or surface to provide a reference line for a measurement or cut. All three of these tools are useful in manufacturing and shop applications and are commonly used in the fabrication of precision components, machines and equipment. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and can last a long time if handled properly.

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Measuring Cylinders, Parallels- and Squares