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Pipe manufacturing plants are industrial facilities designed for the production of various types of pipes. Pipes of different sizes, shapes and materials can be produced in these plants, depending on the specific requirements of the project or application. The pipe manufacturing process usually involves several steps, including forming, welding, cutting, and finishing. Pipe manufacturing plants are equipped with specialized machinery and equipment to perform each of these steps efficiently and effectively. One common type of pipe fabrication equipment is seamless pipe fabrication equipment, which produces pipes without seams or welds. In these plants, pipes are manufactured using various processes, such as extrusion or piercing. Another type of pipe manufacturing equipment is welded pipe, in which two metal parts are joined by welding. These plants usually use a high-frequency welding process or a submerged-arc welding process. Overall, pipe manufacturing equipment plays an important role in the production of pipes for various industries, including oil and gas, construction, and transportation.

Bar Peeling Machine WEINGÄRTNER Vario 1200-11000
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