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Presses and paint sprayers are industrial machines used in the manufacturing industry. Presses are machines that shape materials into a specific form by applying pressure to the material. There are several types of presses, including hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, and pneumatic presses. Hydraulic presses use hydraulic fluid to apply pressure to the material, while mechanical presses work by converting rotational motion into linear motion. Pneumatic presses work by converting air pressure into mechanical energy. Painting presses are machines used to apply a layer of paint or varnish to materials. These machines can be operated manually or automatically and can use different types of paints and varnishes depending on the application. Painting equipment is commonly used in the automotive industry, furniture industry and other manufacturing processes. Both machines require special attention to safety and must be maintained and operated according to local safety regulations to prevent accidents or injuries.

veneer press Ott JU 80
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veneer press Ott JU 80
Presses and painting systems
Frame press gluing press Schafberger und Sproedhuber 3500/2400
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