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Saws are tools used to cut materials such as wood, metal, plastics and other materials. There are a variety of saws for different applications and materials. The most common types of saws include: Hand saws: These are operated by hand and are suitable for use in small to medium sized projects. There are several types of hand saws, such as foxtail saws, double-cut hand saws and Japanese saws. Jigsaws: These electric saws are designed to make precise curved and straight cuts in wood, metal and plastics. Circular Saws: These electric saws are designed for straight cuts in wood, metal and plastics. There are different types of circular saws, such as handheld circular saws, tabletop circular saws and chop saws. Band Saws: These electric saws use a long, flexible band with teeth to cut wood, metal and other materials. Band saws are ideal for use in woodworking and metalworking applications. Saber Saws: These electric saws are great for quickly cutting wood, metal and other materials in tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas. Fret Saws: These are manual saws used for precision cutting of curves and shapes in wood and other materials. It is important to select the right saw for the specific application and material. The wrong selection can lead to poor results or even injury. It is also important to keep saw blades sharp and maintain them regularly to ensure optimum performance and safety.

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Rapid DGL
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Rapid DGL
Elumatec GLS 191
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panel saw Haffner 4400 x 2100 mm
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