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Sweepers are machines used to clean roads, pavements, squares and other public or private areas. They are also called street sweepers or vacuum sweepers. Sweepers can be operated manually or motorised. Manual sweepers are pushed by a person and work much like a broom and dustpan, sweeping dirt and debris into a bin. Motorised sweepers, on the other hand, have their own drive and, depending on their size and equipment, can also be equipped with a suction function. They are particularly effective at removing larger amounts of waste and dirt. Sweepers are used in many areas, such as urban areas, airports, car parks and commercial areas. They are an important part of urban cleaning and help to keep the streets and public spaces clean and safe.

Front sweeper GMR FF 1200P
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Sweeper scarifier SABO Arbeitsbreite 40 cm
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Front sweeper ABS Arbeitsbreite 120 cm
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