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Buy Used Track type dozers

A dozer (also called a bulldozer) is a construction machine used to remove, level, and grade large areas and terrain. Bulldozers typically have a wide, flat trowel (blade) on the front that can be hydraulically raised and lowered to move materials such as earth, debris, rocks, and snow. The trowel can also be tilted sideways to move the material in a specific direction or to deposit it on a specific side of the machine. Bulldozers are usually chain-driven to provide better traction on uneven or muddy ground. Another feature of dozers is the ripper on the back of the machine. The ripper is a sharp steel tool used to loosen or break up the soil to facilitate removal of material. Dozers are manufactured in a variety of sizes and designs and are used in many industries, including construction, civil engineering, agriculture, forestry, mining and road maintenance.

1 - Caterpillar D9T Track Type Dozer
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1 - Caterpillar D10T2 Track Type Dozer
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1 - Caterpillar D10T2 Track Type Dozer
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