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Updateinfo vectorcam 2013

Another possibility is the “Quick Access Toolbar”. It is permanently, regardless of the selected menu, in the top line of the window. Users can arrange the commands / icons themselves.

Home Menu
Change Menu
Mill 2D Menu

The simulation show clamping, blanks, finished parts, toolpath and tool data etc. A Transparency mode could be switched on/off to display the different groups. An integrated collision checking continuously checks the CNC machining. In the case of a collision the simulation stops or display them colored on the screen.

Thread mill
A new and comfortable function to generate tool pathes for milling inner or outer thread:

Thread mill

Implementation STEP interface (import/export)

Implementation BRep interface (import/export)

Adjustment/Update Interfaces IGES/DXF/3dm (Rhino)

New function Z-constant Roughing incl. HSC- and Adaptiv milling

HSC strategy
The results of continuously circular tool movements are: higher feed rates and reduced tool wear.

Fast roughing
Removes large amounts of material quickly through large Z movements, followed by smaller Z constant upward sections. This method reduces the machining time on the CNC machine by 70% and more.

New function Z-constant finishing

3D rest milling

New routine for installation and updating

More flexibility with full assoziative Jobs in the Job-List
Any Job in the Job-List could be changed anytime. To change the defined data click on the Job with the right mouse button. After changes vectorcam calculate the new toolpath.

Also a geometry, associated with a job, can be changed. In this way, once defined processing must not be redefined if the geometry changes.

With this option, one or more jobs can be applied to geometries in other files. This saves a lot of time.

Tool database
The integrated tool database gives the user the possibility to a fast search of tools with different criteria. vectorcam displays only tools which are suitable for the processing.

Introduction of a material / technology database
Automatic calculation of feeds, speeds / cutting speeds.

Region / Limits
For the limitation of toolpath we introduced the new function “2D region”. It automatically calculates the outer limits for the current selection.

NC-Feature detection
For a fast possibility to select a certain geometry, we developed a special function. It select very fast: all equal drillholes, chamfers, Fillets inner, Fillets outer, Slot holes, Contours (contiguous vertical surfaces) etc.

Turning / Drilling
We introduced a complete new Turn mode. After activate the turn mode all inputs are in XZ plane. That is the same plane like the CNC machine.

4 axis milling
With the 4-axis simultaneous machining various operations can be created on the surface of a rotating body. This includes the 4-axis engraving, 4 axis pocket milling, 4-axis contour milling and 3D rotation finishing.

4/5 axis positioning
For the 5-axis positioning the axes of the machining will be stored in the job. This enables the creation of a coordinate system for the respective processing. The rotation and positioning is done fully automatically.

Mouse control
To rotate your model on the screen please push both buttons (left and right) from your mouse. The dynamic rotation is deactivated when you not push the mouse button anymore.
The Mode „View move“ is activ, as long as you hold down the mouse wheel. By turning the mouse wheel, the view zooms in or out at the current mouse position, depending on the direction of rotation.

In the post-processors many new variables and functions have been implemented. This give the possibility, to generate a complete cnc-programm, from the machine-neutral Job list to practically every cnc control, with only one click.

Surfaces transparently represent

Technology database selectable out of the job dialog

The automatic arrangement of CAD and CAM window can be disabled if desired

Menu extension right mouse button: Select all surfaces

Expanded text length of the job name to 256 characters

New dialogs to support the calculation of depths from drill holes

New dialog box for the tool definition

As well as numerous small changes and extensions in the functions and dialog boxes

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e-Mail: info@vectorcam.com


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