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Fratelli Vergnano


Fratelli Vergnano S.r.l.
Corso Egidio Olia 2
10023 Chieri (TO)
+39 011 9423523
+39 011 9425426

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 12 categories

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
End millers
Combined drillings and threading tools
Thread milling cutters
Cold forming taps
Machine drill taps
Pinion-type shaper cutters (gear cutters)
Gear fine finishers (gear cutters)
Pinion-type gear hobbing mills (gear cutters)
Gear rolling gears
Gear rack-type cutters
Gear skiving

About us

Tradition and Innovation

With over 70 years of experience in the cutting tool industry, Vergnano is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality precision threading taps, hobs, end mills and threading dies. Over the years, Vergnano has constantly innovated its product range to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market while keeping a firm foothold in the honoured tradition of the Vergnano brand.

Technology and Know-How

The quality of Vergnano tools is the consequence of strict controls of processes and products, constant research in new technical solutions and continuous investments in state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified human resources. As a result of the company's vast interdisciplinary know-how, each manufacturing step takes place internally at the Vergnano production plant starting from the steel bar to the final PVD coating process of the finished tool.


In order to guarantee consistent and high quality levels, Vergnano has always invested in new generation metrological equipment which enables analysis of the complex geometrical characteristics of tools during manufacturing. Highly specialised workers perform in-line quality control while a final quality control department checks every production batch. Complete traceability is guaranteed for all manufactured tools. Vergnano has a Certified Quality System according to ISO 9001.

Commercial Network and Service

In the last 25 years Vergnano has oriented its sales efforts to the international market. Vergnano has established itself internationally thanks to commercial subsidiaries in the key markets of Germany (Vergnano GmbH) and South Korea (Vergnano Korea), both with their own autonomous product stock and technical assistance service, and a capillary distribution network ranging from Europe to Asia to the American continent. As a result Vergnano can boast among its customers the most important companies in the most diverse industrial branches: automotive, aerospace, windmill, fasteners, machine tools and mechanical components in general.

Environmental and Company Policy

The protection of the environment and safety at work are firm principles of the Vergnano company policy. Starting from the design phase, environmental compability and safety are considered in all products, processes and technologies. Vergnano encourages customers to use its products ecologically (working conditions, recycling and end-of-life disposal). Worker safety and health are guaranteed by strict controls of processes throughout the whole production plant. Furthermore, Vergnano prefers a local workforce to maximise occupational benefits to its host territory and to reduce commuting times for its employees.

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