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EMO 2017: Sharp tools for machining metal

When the metal machining world comes together in September at the EMO trade fair in Hanover, Swabian sharpening specialist VOLLMER will be in on the action. The company will be showcasing its product and service portfolio in Hall 6, Stand F46 under the motto "Dialogue on Precision". VOLLMER's grinding and erosion machines can be used to sharpen and machine circular saws, band saws and rotary tools. One of the focal points of VOLLMER's stand at EMO will be the new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine, which tool manufacturers can use to sharpen a variety of diamond tools, such as multi-stage, milling and bell-shaped tools. The QXD 250 erosion machine will also be on display at EMO, allowing visitors to discover the latest software options and updates. VOLLMER will be demonstrating the enhanced automation capabilities of the VGrind 360 grinding machine, which is designed for machining carbide tools.

VOLLMER will be using the EMO 2017 metalworking trade fair in Hanover as an opportunity to demonstrate its technological prowess in the fields of grinding machines, erosion machines and machine tools. Between 18th and 23rd September 2017, visitors to Stand F46 in Hall 6 will be able to see for themselves how rotary tools, circular saws and band saws can be produced efficiently to the user's specific requirements using VOLLMER's machines. Tool manufacturers can use VOLLMER's machines to produce any number of drill bits, milling cutters and other machine tools, from one-offs to large batches; these tools can be made from carbide or be tipped with PCD (polycrystalline diamond).

Diamond tools in particular are in high demand in the manufacturing industry because they boast excellent tool life for machining both metals and highly abrasive composites. The metalworking industries are increasingly making use of lightweight carbon fibre and fibreglass to develop products such as energy-efficient cars and aeroplanes, as well as tough rotor blades for wind turbines.

Machining diamond tools with precision

Electrical discharge machining is an effective method of machining PCD tools because it allows material to be removed with micron-level precision. VOLLMER's faithful QWD series is now making way for the new VPulse 500 wire erosion machine, which is just the tool for the job. With a new erosion generator and advanced technology, it can produce large batches of high-quality PCD tools. Modern machine kinematics ensure high profile accuracy in both production and maintenance. With the VPulse 500 operating concept, the touchscreen allows you to easily program and control the tool for quick, error-free work.

The QXD 250 disc erosion machine can also be used to precisely machine a whole variety of PCD tools. Added program functionality means that tool manufacturers can use the current QXD 250 to speed up their sharpening processes. With the HC 5 pallet circulation magazine, the erosion machine can be expanded by up to 28 workpiece positions. At the EMO trade fair, VOLLMER will also be presenting new software updates and available software options to increase process reliability, precision and flexibility.

Sharpening carbide tools around the clock
Carbide tools such as drill bits, milling cutters and reamers are standard tools used for machining in the metalworking industry. With the aim of developing these tools, VOLLMER designed the VGrind 360 grinding machine, which comes in two different versions: One with two vertical spindles for grinding wheel packages, and the other with one grinding wheel spindle and one high-frequency spindle (HF spindle) plus an automatic tool changer. Both versions will be on show at EMO, where visitors will be able to see how recess seats for PCD can be made using the HF spindle. One of VOLLMER's latest solutions, the HC 4, is a compact machine that comprises a chain magazine with 39 spaces for standardised HSK 63-A (hollow shank tapers). This means that basic bodies can be placed there, and recess seats for PCD inserts can be ground into them using the HF spindle.

Automation allows tool manufacturers to use the VGrind 360 for production at all hours of the day. The HP 160 pallet magazine allows up to 272 workpieces to be fed in for unmanned machining. The HPR 250 free-arm robot can also be used. This is used to automatically manufacture carbide tools with various shank diameters, resulting in three times as much capacity and even greater flexibility.

"We want to use the EMO trade fair as an opportunity to speak with representatives from the metalworking industry and collaborate with them to drive forward the development of new rotary tools," says Dr Stefan Brand, CEO of VOLLMER in Biberach. "The aim of this is not just to tailor our machines to the technological requirements; we also want to expand our services, which range from training and finance to servicing and maintenance."

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