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Three new services guarantee high machine availability

The VOLLMER works at Biberach are adding three new services to their existing range. These consist of a service centre in Cloppenburg for customers in central and northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden, tiered service agreements and a new mobile service with integrated spare parts storage. With these additions, the grinding and eroding specialist is able to tailor its services more precisely to meet the specific requirements of the tool manufacturing and servicing sector – whether that involves maintaining a high level of machine availability or reaching the customer more quickly when needed. VOLLMER grinding and eroding machines are renowned worldwide for their long service life and precise machining results for rotary tools and circular saws. The three new VOLLMER services will help the brand move from strength to strength.

"From consultation and financing to start-up and training, all the way through to upgrades and software – our VOLLMER services cover every phase of the machine life cycle," says Wolfgang Miller, Services Director at VOLLMER. "The northern service centre in Cloppenburg, tiered service agreements and a new mobile service with integrated spare parts storage are our three latest innovations. They help us to provide our customers in the tool machining sector with a greater individual range of services."

Northern service centre in Cloppenburg
VOLLMER has over 75 service technicians worldwide who are continuously trained in all of the company's product areas. VOLLMER employs 25 service technicians in Germany alone. Since February 2016, an additional service centre in Cloppenburg has been responsible for supporting customers in central and northern Germany, Sweden and Denmark. "In the past, our service technicians had to travel a long way from Biberach to reach our customers located further north," says Wolfgang Miller. "Thanks to the service team located in Cloppenburg, we are now closer to these customers and consequently able to find a solution as quickly as possible when time is of the essence. This means we can meet exacting service quality standards at fair prices."

Tiered service agreements
Recurring maintenance and updates are key to the precise results and long service life offered by VOLLMER machines. For this reason, the grinding and eroding specialist from Biberach is now offering three preconfigured service packages which can be added to individually and thereby optimally tailored to meet customers' needs. Customers can therefore choose between the CHECK, PLUS and MAX agreements, tiered according to the scope of services offered. The CHECK service agreement covers basic services such as a six-monthly inspection and software updates. The next service level, PLUS, includes annual replacements for specific wear parts in addition to all the services in the basic package. The MAX service agreement includes the replacement of other wear parts at specified intervals.

Mobile service with spare parts storage

The third new addition to VOLLMER's range of services are utility vehicles equipped with integrated storage. Depending on the technician they are assigned to, the mobile service vehicles contain around 80 spare parts and machine components for the tool grinding or PCD eroding industry. The rolling spare parts storage enables immediate repairs without the need to re-order and is always ready for action in case of emergency.

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