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Training courses on saws and PCD tools kick off

the machining of carbide-tipped saws – ideal for saw manufacturers and sharpening shops. From 13th to 17th May 2015, the Vollmer Training Academy will focus on the machining of PCD-tipped tools (polycrystalline diamond) in a course aimed at machine operators and factory foremen. The week-long courses will take place at Vollmer's Technology and Training Centre (TDZ) in Biberach. Anyone interested in taking part can register now at http://www.vollmer-group.com/en/training.

Sharpening saws for the saw mill: 23rd to 27th February 2015
The Vollmer technical training course for saw mill customers provides an overview of the market and machines in the saw mill industry. The course examines the properties and machining of wood, and explains the basic principles of the various saw types. During the course, Vollmer also emphasises the value of tooth tip resharpening and explains the specific features of sharpening. Here, the focus is on the band saw, including how to handle blades on the dressing bench and their welded joints. The five-day course also comprises practical exercises on the machines used for various machining processes, such as circular saws, gang saws and band saws.

Straightening carbide-tipped saws: 9th to 13th March 2015

The Vollmer technical training course for carbide-tipped saws provides detailed information on technical tooling data for carbide circular saws. The week-long course also looks at quality assurance and the maintenance of carbide-tipped saws, and explains the individual process steps – from manufacturing the body and soldering the teeth, to tensioning and straightening circular saws, through to sharpening the teeth and inscription, as well as machining wooden materials. Sharpening exercises on various machine types, sometimes also with handling systems, provide the requisite finishing touches to the course.

Machining PCD tools: 13th to 17th April 2015
The week-long Vollmer training course on PCD tools provides detailed information on technical tooling data and various eroding processes with a wire or disk. The course also focuses on machining wood, metal and composite materials. Quality assurance and maintenance are further constituents of the program. Practical exercises such as profile mounting and 3D simulation of manual and automatic machine types round off the technical course.

A large machine park is available to the participants of the Vollmer technical training courses at the TDZ in Biberach.

At a glance
Vollmer training course for saw mills
What:      Technical training for band saws – Tensioning, straightening and sharpening
When:     23rd to 27th February 2015, daily from 8:00 to 16:45

Vollmer training course for carbide-tipped saws
What:      Technical training for carbide-tipped saws – Manufacturing and machining
When:     9th to 13th March 2015, daily from 8:00 to 16:45

Vollmer training course for PCD tools
What:      Technical training for PCD tools – Manufacturing and machining
When:     13th to 17th April 2015, daily from 8:00 to 16:45

Where:     Vollmer Technology and Training Centre (TDZ), Ehinger Str. 34, 88400 Biberach, Germany
Registration: Anika Kaiser, Tel.: +49 (0) 7351 571 167,
E-mail:          an.kaiser@vollmer-group.com

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