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Wire erosion: Neher has its finger on the VPulse

The Ostrach-based family business Neher develops special tools for the international manufacturing industry. Recently the company decided in favour of the VPulse 500 wire erosion machine developed by the sharpening specialist VOLLMER from Biberach. With the machine Neher can manufacture its PCD-tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools with a high surface finish. VOLLMER provides insights into the function and performance of the VPulse 500 at EMO 2017 in Hanover.

"We manufacture customised diamond tools for our customers which generally have complex geometries, particularly when it comes to combination tools of milling cutters and reamers", states Gerd Neher, Managing Director of the Neher Group in Ostrach-Einhart. "For this we rely on the erosion technology from VOLLMER and we recently decided to purchase the fully automated wire erosion machine VPulse 500."

Often more than 150 special tools per order
Neher is one of the leading providers of special tools made from PCD, which are mainly used in the automotive sector. Neher develops individual circular milling tools, face-milling cutters, stepped reamers or also combination tools for its customers that are adapted to the component it is intended to manufacture. The tool development generally originates from the design drawing of the component. With the machining of complex components such as gearbox housings or steering boxes, it can of course happen that up to 30 different PCD tools are used here.As the customers generally want several copies of each tool, often more than 150 special tools accrue per order.

Wire erosion – around the clock
Neher uses wire erosion for machining PCD cutting edges. The process is ideal for tools such as contour cutters or stepped reamers which have complex geometries. With the VOLLMER wire erosion machine VPulse 500, even the tiniest inner radii can be machined precisely. Typical special tools require machining times which range from 30 minutes for simple reamers up to 20 hours for complex combination tools. "Thanks to the fully automated VPulse 500, we can work in single-shift operation and still manufacture around the clock and also over the weekend", states Anton Juric, application engineer at Neher. "For this we use the external tool memory of the wire erosion machine where we can store a total of 16 different tools."

Simple operation for error-free work
VOLLMER equipped the VPulse 500 with a new erosion generator and advanced technology which allows production of batch sizes of 1 and large quantity batches. The modern machine kinematics ensure high profile accuracy, not only in production but also in servicing. Another key reason Neher decided to purchase the VPulse 500 was its simple and intuitive operation. The touchscreen allows you to easily program and control the machine for quick, error-free work.

Expansion of business overseas making good headway
Neher is currently planning on purchasing another VPulse 500 to boost the targeted level of growth. In summer 2017 Neher concluded a joint venture with the American company Star SU from Michigan (USA). With locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, as well as many years of experience in the North American manufacturing industry, Star SU is a competent partner for the overseas market. The plan is to use the new VPulse 500 on site in the USA.

"Wire erosion plays a central role in the production of PCD special tools, which is why we also further developed our tried and tested technology", states Dr.-Ing. Stefan Brand, Managing Director of the VOLLMER Group. "Neher was with us from day one in the design and implementation of the VPulse 500 and played a big part in ensuring that the machine meets the high requirements of the tool manufacturer."

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