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Vomat GmbH
Herlasgrüner Straße 99
08233 Treuen
+49 37468 6780-0
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Service Spectrum: Represented in 7 categories

Lubrication, cooling, oils and corrosion treatment
Refrigerating plants
Central cooling systems
Cooling lubricant connection accessories
Coolant Hoses
Cooling lubricants Faucets and valves
Safety and environment
Recycling plants
Separators for coolants and lubricants, pumps, filters, centrifuges
Disposal systems
Processing of coolants and lubricants
Filtration, ultrafiltration

About us

We provide you with an individually tailored concept for the filtration of cooling lubricants and their cooling for grinding processes in the metal processing industry as well as customized solutions for other materials areas.

The decision for the right filtration system is an essential component for your success. Since we also know this from our own experiences we started thinking about your challenges and created appropriate solutions.

VOMAT, machine and plant engineering from the Vogtland area, as specialist for the ultrafine filtration of cooling lubricants of the metal processing industry our product range includes solutions for individual systems, modular systems, central systems and individual customized special systems with central and decentralized functions.

• the company was founded in the spring of 2006

• the first filter system was presented at the"GrindTec 2006" with great success
• this paved the way for the start of the series production in june 2006
• november 2006: as a result of the high demand,

we had to relocate the production to a new building with a production area of approx. 1000 sqm
• extension of the product range by the filter systems FA 720 - FA 960 in december 2006
• delivery of our first centralized filter system in the spring of 2007
• in the summer of 2007 we presented our just developed HSS prefilter
• "GrindTec 2008": presentation of our centralized filter system in modular construction

with patent-registered cooling system
• summer of 2008: first delivery of a Vomat filter system outside the EG
• end of 2008: delivery of the two hundredth filter system

• in 2011, the 500th filter plant was delivered

• in 2011, construction of the new production hall

• in 2014, construction of another production hall with 1200m²

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