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Fit for the future with retrofit

WALDRICH COBURG has overhauled the company-owned gantry milling machine and made it fit for the coming years.

According to our company philosophy, we focus on ecologically sustainable action and have decided to retrofit the machine after 20 years of operation. This highlights our strategy of relying on our own durable products in the manufacture of large parts and also protects resources and the environment. In addition, we only use original parts, which not only extends the service life and increases the production volume, but above all improves the product quality for the next years. In this way, we ensure sustainable productivity in our own company without making any compromises.

The following work was done by our employees for the modernisation of the plant:

  • Levelling of the machine bed
  • Levelling of rail system of the tool changer
  • Adjusting spindle unit changer
  • Milling ram dismantled, disassembled, mechanically overhauled and electrically re-wired
  • Spindle slides dismantled and reworked
  • Wedge and guide rails newly fitted
  • Hydrostatic units cleaned and hydrostatic oil changed
  • Guideway guarding partially renewed
  • All additional units newly set up and measured
  • Coolant System cleaned and 3000 litres of cooling lubricant replaced
  • All axes measured with laser and precision of positioning set
  • Automation cycles newly set up

If we have now awakened your interest, the Service Team looks forward to your inquiry.

We would be pleased to submit you an offer, also adapted to your machine - no matter whether we have installed it or not.


Stefan Roß Uwe Klose
Team leader overhaul and modernisation Head of Service & Retrofit Department
stefan.ross@waldrich-coburg.de uwe.klose@waldrich-coburg.de
Phone: +49 9561 65-395 Phone: +49 9561 65-610


Technical data

Type PowerTec 4500 AG-M2
Year of construction 2000
Milling width 4.380 mm
Clearence height 3.865 mm
Travel of ram 1.500 mm
Power 80 kW


Responsible for the content of this press release: Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH


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96450 Coburg
+49 9561 65-0
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