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GEISS: faster and with higher precision

GEISS: faster with higher precision

"We have been flirting with a machine of WALDRICH COBURG for decades. What we always liked and our engineers are still fascinated by is the accuracy, "enthuses Manfred Geiss, CEO of GEISS AG in Sesslach.

With the TAURUS 25, GEISS now works more precisely and better. The proximity and the close relationship to WALDRICH COBURG was a high clear advantage in the decision.
"This TAURUS 25 fits very well with our machinery," says Manfred Geiss. It is unusual that Geiss in Sesslach uses five milling machines of from four manufacturers. “But why?" The answer is provided by Manfred Geiss: "We always want to learn. And we implement that knowledge in the construction of our products. "

Although TAURUS was received several awards, the aesthetic design did not matter in the purchase decision. They concentrated on the performance of TAURUS. But now there is a beautiful, highly precision and efficient machine with a Heidenhain control in a beautiful hall.

Accuracy and productivity were the deciding factors in the purchase decision. In machining aluminum, productivity has doubled. The high accuracy and the very good surface quality no longer require post-machining. The damping of the hydrostatic guideways convinced Geiss: "Until now we only knew machines with linear guideways, but your guideways are winning the day." Manfred Geiss makes it clear: all machines are in best condition and with state-of-the-art technologies. And yet TAURUS 25 stands out from the crowd.

The range of parts has remained. In the past, many parts were produced by contract manufacturers, today all parts are manufactured by GEISS. It is important to GEISS that the rework on parts is significantly reduced. His corporate philosophy towards his customers: Buy our moulds. Because: "It’s a shame, some customers are using really bad moulds," he said critically. "We advise customers, we support marketing and show what our machines can achieve with our molds." Approx 100 machines are built per year.

Manfred Geiss proudly shows the new hall: 280 cubic meters of concrete were used for the foundation and the hall floor.

"That was as exciting for me as the journey to the center of the earth. In the past, I did not make such efforts, but we strictly followed WALDRICH COBURG´s recommendations." In addition, WALDRICH COBURG supplied the foundation and structural documents.

The delivery date was not exactly met, but the service was perfect from the beginning. And suggestions of the customer´s side were taken up immediately and implemented. The result is a showroom for WALDRICH COBURG with LED lighting and floor heating, a pleasure for everyone involved.

Geiss describes a good order situation in mechanical engineering: "He has been estimating the capacity of his business field at 110 percent for years. So it's a huge advantage that TAURUS 25 is faster and more productive than other machines. "

The company is characterized by long term employees, so that the same employees always operate the machines. Milling in the highest precision is described by Manfred Geiss as pure enjoyment for TAURUS 25, as if it could be milled with passion. For the employees at TAURUS, the ergonomic control platform is an advantage. "Although our machines are not large, the differences in the control panels are not so serious, but the new machine was also well-designed for ergonomics."

His judgment on the TAURUS 25 is typical for Frankonians: "No complaining from the employees - that means the machine is running well." "Even the assembly and putting it into operation took a little longer, the machine has closed the gap since it´s in production," Geiss draws the conclusion.

His motto: "We are not producing cheap, but powerful."
His wish: "We want to be happy with TAURUS for 20 years."

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