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2019-04-29 TM-801 magnetism measuring tool

TM-801 magnetism measuring tool
For measuring residual magnetism, the magnetic flux of engines, products which were manufactured on a magnetic chuck, or for measuring the magnetic properties of various products, we offer the TM-801 magnetic meter. Go to press info

2019-04-22 TDM tunnel demagnetizer

TDM tunnel demagnetizer
This demagnetizer is specially designed for non-stop operation. It removes residual magnetism from all sides to a certain depth, which is why it is important to select the correct size. Go to press info

2019-04-15 MC hand magnet

MC hand magnet
Hand magnets are manufactured especially for manual handling, which is why any suspension from hooks or other structures is not permitted. Go to press info

2019-04-08 Neomicro magnetic chuck

Neomicro magnetic chuck
The Neomicro permanent chuck with transverse poles is ideal for the precise grinding of small and thin, but also large workpieces. Go to press info

2019-04-01 Neo EP electro-permanent magnet

Neo EP electro-permanent magnet
The Neo EP lifting magnet is the ideal solution for frequent turning of workpieces. The magnet turns on and off with a simple electric impulse, and the load is held during transfer by strong permanent magnets, which in turn saves energy. Go to press info

2019-03-25 The BMP lifting magnet with a lifting capacity of up to 3,600 kg

The BMP lifting magnet with a lifting capacity of up to 3,600 kg
The BMP lifting magnet is specially built for handling round material. It may also be used for lifting sheets, blocks, forgings, castings and blowouts. Go to press info

2019-03-18 Neo HOT lifting magnet with a weight capacity of up to 2,000 kg

Neo HOT lifting magnet with a weight capacity of up to 2,000 kg
The Neo HOT permanent magnet is ideal for the hardest operations. You can handle loads with a temperature of 180 °C. Go to press info

2019-03-11 Alustar aluminium magnetic chuck

Alustar aluminium magnetic chuck
The Alustar permanent magnetic circular chuck with radial poles is suitable for turning and grinding workpieces of circular shape. Go to press info

2019-03-04 DM table demagnetiser

DM table demagnetiser
The DM demagnetiser ensures fast and simple demagnetization of flat or small cylindrical tools. It can be used for manual demagnetisation, but also under the belt conveyor. Go to press info

2019-02-25 NEO HV handling arm

NEO HV handling arm
The Neo HV handling arm is an ideal accessory to our Neo series of lifting magnets. This arm makes it possible to manipulate steel plates from the horizontal position to the vertical position, and vice versa. Go to press info

2019-02-18 Mastermill

The Mastermill electro-permanent magnetic chuck with square poles has a wide range of applications. It is able to clamp both small and large workpieces. Go to press info

2019-02-11 BM Lifting magnet

BM Lifting magnet
The battery operated BM lifting magnet has a wide spectrum of uses. It’s ideal for dispatching, warehouses, and operational purposes. Go to press info

2019-02-04 Elmag Wave Electromagnetic grinding chuck

Elmag Wave Electromagnetic grinding chuck
The Elmag Wave electromagnetic chuck can handle high working loads perfectly. You can rely on it during heavy-duty and strong performance flat grinding but also during roughing mainly on vertical grinders. Go to press info

2019-01-28 HD handheld demagnetiser

HD handheld demagnetiser
For the elimination of residual magnetism of large and complex parts, we offer the HD handheld demagnetiser. Go to press info

2019-01-21 GP250 permanent magnet

GP250 permanent magnet
The GP250 crane magnet is ideal for manipulating workpieces to a vertical position and vice-versa. One advantage is the large lockable suspension lug, thanks to which you can handle loads in both positions. Go to press info

2019-01-21 Neomill Compact magnetic chuck

Neomill Compact magnetic chuck
The Neomill Compact permanent magnetic chuck with transverse poles will surprise you with its large clamping power of up to 160 N/cm2. Go to press info