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Oberntorwall 24
33602 Bielefeld
+49(0)521 96069169

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About us

A glimpse into the work

We know: only a strong team can achieve strong performances. This is because someone who works alone is simply adding. Those who work together multiply. At WERKBLiQ, we bundle our strengths to create customised solutions along with sustainable added value. Founded in 2015 by Dr Tim Busse and Dennis Koblowsky, our young company now has 17 employees. Our experts are working on an innovative business model in line with Industry 4.0 in a startup atmosphere.

In three teams we take a digital view of the work and transform machine maintenance into an exciting digital process.

Product management
Our product management focuses on the innovative idea on which our platform is based. Whether it’s new industry standards or individual customer requirements – continuous development of the platform functions is what drives us. We always have our eye on the benefit to the customer and put everything we have into the most straightforward interaction possible between the various stakeholders.

Our experienced developers are constantly working on intelligent and customised solutions. Both for our WERKBLiQ cloud and for the mobile service app. Their goal: to implement the innovative requirements of our product management into our programming. We ensure continuous development of our platform by sharing knowledge with external partners on a regular basis. And we always stay up to date as a result.

Five people with very different backgrounds: Mechanical engineering, materials handling, plastics technology and the food and beverage industry: our sales department understands the needs of a wide range of sectors. Our employees customise platform functions and therefore fulfil specific customer requirements. For a high degree of customer satisfaction and a smooth connection to our platform.
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