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WFL Millturn Technologies


2019-01-30 INVITATION: Technology Meeting 2019

At this year's Technology Meeting you will have the opportunity to experience the latest machine models live in combination with innovative software and technology features. Go to press info

2018-12-11 High-tech automation solutions

WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the area of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, all systems that are combined with a MILLTURN bring an element of high-tech and a breath of fresh air into the automation of ... Go to press info

2018-11-23 Focal Point: WFL Branch in Wixom USA

Our customers are situated all over the world. The nearest WFL Millturn Technologies branch is right in your vicinity, thus guaranteeing a reliable partnership. With sales partners from 50 different countries and 7 WFL subsidiaries worldwide, we ... Go to press info

2018-10-25 We love... Austria

Right at the heart of Europe lies a country that outsiders like to poke fun at. A country renowned for its stubborn resilience and torpid coffee-house culture. A country that throughout its history has endured as many upheavals as the snow-covered ... Go to press info

2018-10-24 Production 4.0 – The SMART approach

2018-10-24 Production 4.0 – The SMART approach


WFL Millturn Technologies acquires FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH Go to press info

2018-09-28 F.A.S.T. Production System

2018-09-28 F.A.S.T. Production System

2018-09-27 Complete machining of turbine blades

In times of growing cost pressure it is necessary to consider which opportunities may be available for future progress.To do so, WFL is employing its long-standing Expertise in complete machining. Today, strategies that are being continuously ... Go to press info

2018-09-27 Multi-functional miracle in practice

Over the following pages, we reveal the secrets of Jihlavan‘s success. With its decision to acquire the M30 MILLTURN multi-function machine, the manufacturer of hydraulic Systems for aerospace and agricultural applications has laid a new ... Go to press info

2018-09-27 A Koll for every season

This interview provides an insight into the world of WFL Project development. Reinhard Koll reveals the secret to the success of so many processes and explains the skilful „pulling of strings“ behind the scenes. We discuss what the future may hold ... Go to press info

2018-09-12 COMPLETE - The complete machining magazin

2018-08-02 Limitless complete machining with M120 MILLTURN / 3,000mm

2018-06-28 Title successfully defended at the AMB in Stuttgart

New Generation with expanded center distance and increased Performance. Go to press info

2018-05-09 MILLTURN Saves Time and Meets Market Demands

The Siemens Large Drives motor factory in Norwood, Ohio, recently upgraded its manufacturing capabilities at the 117-year-old facility by purchasing a WFL MillTurn Technologies M80 mill-turn. The CNC machine will aid in the manufacturing of steel ... Go to press info

2018-05-09 Russia Premiere of the M120 MILLTURN

It's a First! WFL Millturn Technologies presents the M120 MILLTURN - the premium class of complete machining for the first time in Moscow. Go to press info

2018-03-27 “Flanx“ – WFL Gearing Solutions

„The demanding expectations in the area of gear production claim the highest quality and profile correctness combined with reliable and flexible solutions (especially in the manufacturing area of small and medium sized batches).” Go to press info

2018-03-27 Increased productivity at Etage Indústria e Comércio Ltda

With a view to achieving further improvements to both lead time and precision, Etage Indústria e Comércio Ltda. is placing its trust in a new complete machining centre from the Austrian company, WFL Millturn Technologies. Go to press info

2018-03-02 Aerospace Manufacturing with head of application engineering R. Koll

2018-02-27 A METAV full of highlights

WFL enthused the visitors with the latest machinery innovation M30-G MILLTURN at the METAV in Düsseldorf (February, 20th – 24th, 2018). Go to press info

2017-10-05 Successful EMO in Hannover

2017-09-01 M30 MILLTURN, the smart alternative

2017-07-27 WFL is expanding the Management Board