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WFL Millturn Technologies



The M20 MILLTURN is the latest addition to WFL's product portfolio and appeals to customer segments that are looking for a compact and powerful complete machining centre. Special features include the high stability of the machine as well as the integrated motor spindle concept for demanding machining technologies. Go to press info

2020-04-22 Taking measurement technology to an elite level

The MILLTURN machines supplied by WFL are used around the world to produce complex parts to very high tolerances. These include compressor rotors, for which the company from Linz in Austria has now developed a highly productive method for ... Go to press info

2020-03-16 Latest WFL Information concerning SARS-CoV-19

Immediately after the dissemination of the SARS-CoV-2 virus became known, a CORONA Task Force was set up at WFL. Go to press info

2020-03-10 Looking to the future

In a world in which digitisation and automation continue to gain ground, WFL also recognises clear benefits. WFL sees in the current development trends an opportunity to establish partnerships and grow together. The company is now breaking new ... Go to press info

2020-03-10 ICOtronic – Intelligent, precise and secure

The intelligent tool ICOtronic offers data security, interference-free communication and, above all, process optimisation in your Industry 4.0 production operations. Go to press info

2020-03-10 No distance is too far for us

Always ready to go and fully equipped to solve any problem: the service engineers of WFL. The key skills required in Customer Services are not only an extensive knowledge of MILLTURN machines, but also solution-oriented thinking and a pragmatic ... Go to press info

2020-03-10 Control 2.0 - Operator panels with many new features

2020-03-10 We love... VIENNA

Schönbrunn Castle, Belvedere Palace, Hofburg Palace, St. Stephen‘s Cathedral. These wonderful attractions are famous and loved throughout the world. As locations steeped in history, they are highlights for anyone visiting the city. Strolling ... Go to press info

2020-03-09 Complete machining of spindles

Thanks to decades of experience WFL is known as the leading technology provider in complete machining. Thousands of machining problems solved evidence its unbeatable competence and the significant technological superiority. WFL develops tailor ... Go to press info

2020-03-09 The spirit of innovation at its peak

Some fields, a small municipal road and a sign reading “Business Park Holzhausen”. Nothing suggests that we are about to find high-tech potential in this small town near to the airport in Linz. Peak Technology was founded in 2007 by Dieter ... Go to press info

2020-03-09 M80 MILLTURN - Unlimited variety

Modular system allowing for huge variant diversity, precision and quality. These are the features of the M80 MILLTURN – a flexible and customer-specific manufacturing solution thanks to WFL’s biggest modular system. Go to press info

2020-03-09 At the heart of the MILLTURN

Hans Peter Wachs, supervisor and precision expert for the heart of the MILLTURN – the turning-boring-milling unit. Go to press info

2019-12-11 M175 MILLTURN – Dynamic and force combined

Large turning-drilling-milling centres for the complete processing of complex and high-precision workpieces has been a speciality of WFL for three decades now. With the models M100, M120, M150 and M175, WFL Millturn Technologies presents the ... Go to press info

2019-11-19 WFL Retro-Fit Solutions

Retro becomes Fit Go to press info

2019-11-19 Automation and digitalisation

Solutions for the future are already available at WFL Go to press info

2019-10-15 The past meets the future

In the second part of our „History of WFL“ series, we take a look at how the MILLTURN was developed and what lies ahead for the complete machining concept. Together with senior WFL managers, we examine which technical developments have really paid ... Go to press info

2019-10-15 WFL Prismatic tooling solutions

The decisive advantage Go to press info

2019-10-11 The art of communication

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They‘re done by a team of people.“ Steve Jobs Go to press info

2019-10-02 WFL iControl

WFL iControl protects your MILLTURN, even during autonomous production throughout the night. Depending on the machine‘s equipment, up to 16 freely configurable process signals are continuously monitored. The new design contains more complex and ... Go to press info

2019-10-02 Ready for take off

Brazil – the land of joie de vivre and breathtaking nature. It’s samba, caipirinha, endless beaches as well as the rain forest of the Amazon Basin which shape our perception. Rio de Janeiro is the symbol of absolute beauty and spectacular sights, ... Go to press info

2019-10-02 M175 MILLTURN - Dynamic and force combined

With the models M100, M120, M150 and M175, WFL Millturn Technologies presents the premium class of multifunctional turning-boring-milling centres. Complete machining of complex workpieces up to 12m in length becomes a reality. In addition to ... Go to press info

2019-10-02 We love Salzburg

Castles, parks, museums, churches and nature – the beauty of Salzburg lies in its diverse range of attractions. There are few Austrian cities that combine history and modernity in such a magical way. The birthplace of W. A. Mozart, the location ... Go to press info

2019-09-24 Increasing productivity with the MILLTURN

The MILLTURN will be centre stage for WFL at this year's EMO. Three demonstration models will be on show at the trade fair from 16 to 21 September: an M30-G MILLTURN / 1800mm with automa-tion cell, an M50-G MILLTURN / 3000mm with a focus on ... Go to press info

2019-09-23 COMPLETE - The complete machining magazine

Dear customers and readers, Go to press info

2019-07-23 Complete machining of turbine blades

The production of turbine blades can be done in a MILLTURN by WFL with little effort and with the highest precision. Go to press info

2019-07-23 Focal Point: WFL Branch in Diadema, Brazil

Our customers are situated all over the world. Your nearest WFL Millturn Technologies branch is not far away, thus guaranteeing a reliable partnership. With sales partners from 50 different countries and 7 WFL subsidiaries worldwide, we are a ... Go to press info

2019-07-17 WFL Laser Solutions

2019-07-12 WFL Automation Solutions

2019-07-11 WFL Tooling Solutions

With WFL Tooling Solutions, customers don’t just receive a sophisticated tool but a comprehensive tool solution that ensures outstanding component accessibility. Each solution is like a human hand which has been improved with sensors and ... Go to press info

2019-06-27 We love... UPPER AUSTRIA

Whether you love mighty natural wonders or eerily beautiful moors, everybody can find peace and happiness in Upper Austria. Granted, you will not find the wide plains of the East or the lofty mountains of the West here, but Austria’s fourth ... Go to press info

2019-06-27 Control 2.0 - New operator panels

The performance of machining centers is determined, among other things, by the potential of the control. The SIMATIC IFP Industrial Flat Panels are outstandingly suitable as industrial monitors with rapid response times for real-time image ... Go to press info


The WFL DATA ANALYZER is a software package for capturing and analysing the data of WFL Millturn Technologies machines. All production data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Go to press info

2019-06-13 CORE.com.pe.tence

Insights into all the goings-on at WFL Production. The place where machines first see the light of day is where Andreas Kern can be found, directing a key department – Mechanical Production – with meticulous accuracy, control and passion. We are ... Go to press info

2019-06-12 Structure-borne sound sensors for bevel detection

2019-06-03 LAMIX - WFL Laser Solutions

The benefits of additive manufacturing in a MILLTURN are particularly evident in the production of complex geometries, which cannot be produced or are at least very difficult to produce using conventional manufacturing processes. Go to press info

2019-05-27 Innovation needs cooperation

It was Henry Ford who already knew that success consists in disposing of the abilities required at the very moment. It takes not only a company’s masterminds, but also a new generation of High Potentials, exceptional ideas and practical influence ... Go to press info

2019-05-10 WFL Robotic Solutions

Well-known companies from films such as “UMBRELLA Corporation“, “SKYNET“ or even “STARK Industries“ are often closer to reality than you may think. That’s because in this day and age, a lot of action is happening within the field of robotics and ... Go to press info

2019-05-10 Modern Gear Manufacturing provided by WFL Millturn Technologies

2019-04-27 There was no such thing as "it won't work"

We joined former managing directors Peter Skutl and Rudolf Siegwart to explore the origins of MILLTURN and the beginnings of WFL. With their combined forces and a highly motivated team, the two leaders managed to stake their claim in the world of ... Go to press info

2019-04-16 Updated version of the M50 MILLTURN at the CIMT

New generation with greater centre distance and improved performanceAt the CIMT 2019, which takes place from April 15th – 20th, WFL proves to be the leader in technologies once again. The Austrian company presents its tremendous progress by ... Go to press info

2019-04-08 The MULTITASKING theory

The company Toyo Matic Aerospace Ltd. invited us to visit their factory in Brasil. We talked to owner and CEO Mr. Edvaldo da Rosa and learned about the main reasons for the purchase of the M120 MILLTURN / 3000mm. The market is asking for flexible, ... Go to press info

2019-04-03 New visitor record at the WFL Technology Meeting 2019

At this year's WFL technology meeting, WFL Millturn Technologies set a new visitor record. On 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, live cutting on all machine types and the latest automation and software solutions were shown. Fascinating evening events ... Go to press info

2019-04-02 Decades of expertise and innovative cooperation made in Linz

Be it high-tech automation solutions or intelligent data usage, WFL combines the latest technologies with tried-and-tested knowhow. Decades of experience in complete machining are what really sets the company apart, while reliability in terms of ... Go to press info

2019-03-29 Smart technologies for the factories of the future

The focus of this year's Technology Meeting lies on the new possibilities offered by Industry 4.0. Topics such as digitalisation and intelligent networking coupled with highly efficient develop-ments relating to big data, data analysis and ... Go to press info

2019-03-19 COMPLETE - The complete machining magazine

2019-03-04 ROTOR SCANNING by WFL

WFL is also seriously redefining measurement technology standards. The WFL Software Department has developed ingenious measurement software, adapted in line with the WFL form cutters, which makes WFL Tooling Solutions an unbeatable choice. Go to press info

2019-03-01 Millturn PRO

With the graphical interactive programming editor Millturn PRO, NC programs can be created effi ciently and effortlessly. Go to press info

2019-02-21 The Quest for the All-in-One Machine

Multitasking machines have a pretty clear sales pitch: They can do what you need them to and make a gear, but if you’re a job shop with fingers in a lot of pies, you can also use them for anything else you might need to make. Hobbing, cutting, ... Go to press info

2019-01-30 INVITATION: Technology Meeting 2019

At this year's Technology Meeting you will have the opportunity to experience the latest machine models live in combination with innovative software and technology features. Go to press info

2019-01-01 Two Global Manufacturers Providing Training to Local Industry

on Sophisticated Machinery at OMIC R&D Facility in Scappoose Go to press info

2018-12-11 High-tech automation solutions

WFL Millturn Technologies has always been involved in the area of automation. From articulated robots to gantry loaders, all systems that are combined with a MILLTURN bring an element of high-tech and a breath of fresh air into the automation of ... Go to press info

2018-11-23 Focal Point: WFL Branch in Wixom USA

Our customers are situated all over the world. The nearest WFL Millturn Technologies branch is right in your vicinity, thus guaranteeing a reliable partnership. With sales partners from 50 different countries and 7 WFL subsidiaries worldwide, we ... Go to press info

2018-10-25 We love... Austria

Right at the heart of Europe lies a country that outsiders like to poke fun at. A country renowned for its stubborn resilience and torpid coffee-house culture. A country that throughout its history has endured as many upheavals as the snow-covered ... Go to press info

2018-10-24 Production 4.0 – The SMART approach

2018-10-24 Production 4.0 – The SMART approach


WFL Millturn Technologies acquires FRAI Elektromaschinenbau GmbH Go to press info

2018-09-28 F.A.S.T. Production System

2018-09-28 F.A.S.T. Production System

2018-09-27 Complete machining of turbine blades

In times of growing cost pressure it is necessary to consider which opportunities may be available for future progress.To do so, WFL is employing its long-standing Expertise in complete machining. Today, strategies that are being continuously ... Go to press info

2018-09-27 Multi-functional miracle in practice

Over the following pages, we reveal the secrets of Jihlavan‘s success. With its decision to acquire the M30 MILLTURN multi-function machine, the manufacturer of hydraulic Systems for aerospace and agricultural applications has laid a new ... Go to press info

2018-09-27 A Koll for every season

This interview provides an insight into the world of WFL Project development. Reinhard Koll reveals the secret to the success of so many processes and explains the skilful „pulling of strings“ behind the scenes. We discuss what the future may hold ... Go to press info

2018-09-12 COMPLETE - The complete machining magazin

2018-08-02 Limitless complete machining with M120 MILLTURN / 3,000mm

2018-06-28 Title successfully defended at the AMB in Stuttgart

New Generation with expanded center distance and increased Performance. Go to press info

2018-05-09 MILLTURN Saves Time and Meets Market Demands

The Siemens Large Drives motor factory in Norwood, Ohio, recently upgraded its manufacturing capabilities at the 117-year-old facility by purchasing a WFL MillTurn Technologies M80 mill-turn. The CNC machine will aid in the manufacturing of steel ... Go to press info

2018-05-09 Russia Premiere of the M120 MILLTURN

It's a First! WFL Millturn Technologies presents the M120 MILLTURN - the premium class of complete machining for the first time in Moscow. Go to press info

2018-03-27 “Flanx“ – WFL Gearing Solutions

„The demanding expectations in the area of gear production claim the highest quality and profile correctness combined with reliable and flexible solutions (especially in the manufacturing area of small and medium sized batches).” Go to press info

2018-03-27 Increased productivity at Etage Indústria e Comércio Ltda

With a view to achieving further improvements to both lead time and precision, Etage Indústria e Comércio Ltda. is placing its trust in a new complete machining centre from the Austrian company, WFL Millturn Technologies. Go to press info

2018-03-02 Aerospace Manufacturing with head of application engineering R. Koll

2018-02-27 A METAV full of highlights

WFL enthused the visitors with the latest machinery innovation M30-G MILLTURN at the METAV in Düsseldorf (February, 20th – 24th, 2018). Go to press info

2017-10-05 Successful EMO in Hannover

2017-09-01 M30 MILLTURN, the smart alternative

2017-07-27 WFL is expanding the Management Board