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Smart solutions on the cutting edge

WhizCut of Sweden AB
Indexable Inserts for threading, turning
WhizCut - external inserts
WhizCut - fully ground cutting edges
Innovative indexing and high performing inserts. This is how you improve CNC swiss automatic lathes. The WhizCut-line has tangentially mounted inserts which are ingeniously set at an angle in the tool holder. This gives you the best possible tool life, tight tolerances and smooth surface finish.

WhizCut standard inserts all have sharp, fully ground cutting edges. Standard inserts are available between 2° and 20° positive cutting rake - to perform outstanding in every operation. Thanks to the inventive combination WhizCut inserts are up for any material or application challenge.

2 holders - all applications
You only need two types of toolholders to perform any operation with a WhizCut insert: J-type toolholders and K-type toolholders. The inserts are divided into two different application styles; “radial turning” and “front turning”. The toolholders for radial turning and front turning are optimized for their targeted application.

Range benefits
- Perfect chip control and minimal cutting forces: all WhizCut inserts have complex cutting geometries and sharp, fully ground cutting edges. The entire range of inserts is designed to generate ultimate stability.
- Flexible: WhizCut has a great assortment of inserts specially designed to fit all swiss type machies.
- Save time: with the toolholder system WhizFix, you can index the insert with the toolholder still in the machine. Change or turn the insert around in only 15 seconds.
- High pressure coolant: through the toolholders - is available for the full line of WhizCut inserts.

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WhizThread - precision threading
WhizThread - precision threading
Indexable Insert for threading; turning
WhizCut of Sweden AB
Indexable Inserts for threading, turning
Four cutting edges - maximum stability
Increase productivity together with the winning concepts of WhizThread. The four very sharp cutting edges are precision ground on all four sides - and tangentially mounted. This results in longer lasting inserts and great performance.

Stable and long lasting - the focal point of the WhizThread design. It is a unique tool system where the insert is fixed in the most solid position. The resulting clamping force goes diagonally through the insert and toolholder. The insert is forced back into the toolholder pocket to boost stability.

Range benefits
- Better cutting conditions: by a standing-up-insert in the toolholder. The cutting forces are drawn through the insert into the holder - for stability.
- Work close to the shoulder: with minimal distance between the side of the insert and the thread.
- Improved thread quality: with precision ground cutting edges on all sides and a stable insert.
- Less time with tool change: combine WhizThread with WhizFix tool holder system and index the inserts with the toolholder still in the machine.
- Quick-change coolant through: all WhizThread inserts can be used with the WhizHip coolant through holders.
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