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Perfection in Protection, Licensing, and Security

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology now available for regular mass storage devices

Swissbit’s Data Protection SD and microSD cards chosen for the launch of the CmReady hardware

Wibu-Systems, the specialists behind the globally renowned CodeMeter protection and licensing technology, are bringing their expertise to a new hardware world. The CmReadyTM system adds CodeMeter capabilities to qualified mass storage devices and fills an attractive and in-demand spot between the top-end protection of the company’s CmDongles and the comfort of CmActLicense software containers. Swissbit, manufacturer of the industry-grade Data Protection (DP) line of SD and microSD cards, has teamed up with Wibu-Systems to introduce the new CmReady solution to a wider audience.

Users of CodeMeter can already count on a vast array of choices: The protection, licensing, and security technology can be used with a range of possible vessels, including software, hardware, and even cloud containers. Each choice brings its unique advantages. The smart card enabled CmDongles offer unrivaled security and a wide range of form factors, including USB sticks, memory cards, and ASICs. Like their cloud siblings, they are made for mobility purposes and both types support added capabilities like CodeMoving, which sees particularly sensitive code executed in the safe confines of the container. CmActLicense software containers promise particular ease of use and comfort, with the licenses bound to the digital fingerprint of the device they are used on.

Regular mass storage devices like SD or microSD cards are a popular option for many embedded and IoT device makers who cannot include a USB interface or integrate a ASIC in their hardware. Up to now, this architectural constraint limited their choice, but the all new CmReady concept brings the best of both worlds. With CmReady, the binding is created by combining the hardware unique ID (UID) of the card with protected, monotonically increasing counters to prevent replay-attacks against the license container. These units are extremely portable and comfortable to use, with licenses easily added through the familiar CodeMeter license management system and no additional implementation efforts needed to establish the binding.

CmReady allows the full range of CodeMeter licensing models, including such en-vogue choices as subscriptions, pay-per-use, or pay-per-feature licenses. Lacking the smart card chips included in CmDongles, certain capabilities like CodeMoving are not possible with them, but these compromises are weighed up by the price and efficiency advantages offered by the new hybrid alternative.

Wibu-Systems has teamed up with Swissbit, Swiss based manufacturer of industrial memory and security solutions with its own production facility in Berlin (Germany), to integrate its CodeMeter technology with their Data Protection (DP) microSD and SD cards. The CmReady label ensures the certified compatibility. Swissbit industry-grade cards are already a favored choice for hardware manufacturers and industry outfitters, and the new CmReady capabilities add further value to their portfolio.

Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, is excited about the new CmReady technology and the collaboration with Swissbit: “This is a real game changer for the market: Real CodeMeter power with our notorious software-based CmActLicenses bound to regular memory cards leverages our protection and licensing technology to a wider user base. In Swissbit, a company as dedicated to quality as we are, we have found the perfect partner to tread this new ground.”

“We are proud to be on board as a partner for CodeMeter's pioneering approach to CmReady technology. The concept of using hardware security anchors as Root of Trust in industrial and IoT applications is predestined for effective and secure license protection. By combining security and flexibility, CmReady opens up a real added value to which we are happy to contribute with our DP cards," comments Claus Gruendel, General Manager Embedded IoT Solutions at Swissbit.

At Embedded World, the global platform for the embedded community, taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, 14-16 March, embedded and IoT device engineers can learn more about the novel CmReady by joining Wibu-Systems at OSADL – the Open Source Automation Development Lab, hall 4, booth 168, and Swissbit in hall 1, booth 534. Additionally, the two companies behind this premiere will hold the joint talk “CmReady-enabled mass storage devices bring an easy-to-use IP protection solution to the embedded world” at the SD Association’s exhibit, hall 3A, booth 314, at 11.30 am on 14 March.

Responsible for the content of this press release: WIBU-SYSTEMS AG


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